Ethical Dilemmas Assignment Help

Ethical Dilemmas Assignment Help on the following questions :

  • Describe the ethical dilemmas 
  • Provide an example regarding how the dilemma exists in a real life situation
  • Analyze the efforts being made by those in the profession to resolve the dilemmas (rules, standards, etc.)
  • Describe the possible consequences if one behaves unethically in the situation

Sources must be cited and documented using APA style (see the Syllabus for more details

Ethical Dilemmas Assignment Help Paper: Ethical dilemma is the situation in which, debate between two moral principles has occurred among the members. In other words, ethical dilemma is the phenomena in which moral principles of the people cannot be able to determine, which course of action is right or wrong. It has been analyzed that every people has to face ethical dilemma in real life situation. Further, ethical dilemma is the conflict between moral imperatives and people are not able to take the right decisions. Thus, it is necessary for every member in the business to understand the problem of ethical dilemma, so that he can manage ethical situations during his/her work. For example given by our business assignment help experts, an engineer is working in an organization and provide water supply to the community. Manager in the company ordered the engineer to add fluoride in the water. Engineer was aware that it would be unethical to mix fluoride in the water because it is harmful for the community.

Fluoride in the water will give rise to several diseases such as lower IQ, bone cancer etc. Engineer was in ethical dilemma that he/she will be held liable for the harm caused to the local community. On the other hand, engineer was also having a fear of losing the secure job. In such type of situation, engineer was not able to make the decision between right or wrong due to the conflict between moral principles (Lo, 2009). Thus, it has been analyzed that dilemma can be occurred in the real life situation. People have to take appropriate decisions in order to solve the problem of ethical dilemmas. Ethical dilemmas can be resolved through interpersonal and negotiation skills. Along with this application of skills such as honesty, respect for others, loyalty, integrity and ability to work cooperatively are helpful in resolving the ethical dilemmas (Cohen, 2007). Business firms provide training to the employees regarding critical thinking and conflict resolution skills. Through which employees are able to make ethical decisions effectively. Companies can also solve the problem through developing certain rules and regulations for whistleblowers. Organization should reward the whistle blowers for providing the right information to the people. This strategy will be effective in solving the issues of ethical dilemmas. Employees within the organization can be able to provide any wrong or unethical; information to the managers. Training to the employees will be helpful in developing the skills of employees in analyzing the ethical decisions and understanding the values. Company should also frame different standards on the basis of which decisions have to be made. In the above example, organization should develop the standards regarding the hygienic water supply to the community (Quigley, 2008). On this basis, an engineer can inform to the top level managers about the unethical activity in the organization.

Therefore, it has been analyzed that organization has to adopt different strategies in order to solve the issues of ethical dilemmas. On the other hand, an engineer can also consult to the company’s code of ethics for formal guidance (Throop & Castellucci, 2009). Thus It has been analyzed by our experts of assignment help that if any person behaves unethically within the organization then it will affect the overall image of the company. Further, company will also not able to achieve the long-term profits. For example, companies such as Enron and WorldCom have collapsed due to unethical behavior of employees. Unethical behavior will also develop the situation of poor performance and poor behavior of employees. In addition to this, company is also not able to develop the supportive and cooperative environment (Throop & Castellucci, 2009). Thus, it has been analyzed that organization has to adopt different rules and regulations in order to remove the unethical behavior. In today’s competitive market environment, many organizations wanted to gain a large amount of profit within short period of time through unethical practices. This strategy of the organizations will not be suitable for gaining the long-term success.

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