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Financial Crisis Assignment Help Get Financial Crisis in organization Assignment Help on the following questions : Apply the best organizational development process skills the executives should use  Apply the change strategies within the short-term and long-term Evaluate and present the impacts of the resources As per assignment help experts with recent financial crisis, it has become very important for companies to conduct restructuring throughout the organization to sustain in this adverse environment. This assignment help paper will deal with finding best organizational development process skills, change strategies for short-term and long-term to determine organizational sustainability under adverse situation. Along with this, paper will also present the impact of resources used in organization.


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Organizational Development Process Skill: Organizational development process deals with identifying the problems and needs for change within organization. Assessments of data, planning of intervention, implementation of intervention and progress evaluation are the key elements of the organizational development process. The process starts when an organization realizes that there is need for a change in the organization as the current situations affect the organizational growth. In order to implement the change effectively organization would require following organizational development process skills:


System thinking skill: With system thinking skill better understanding of the interrelation between organization and its parts could be defined. It would further help to identify the areas, where change is to be implemented. Apart from this, with system thinking skill, whole picture of organization is brought under a system that could be resolved through creativity. As system thinking align the goals with the measures, it would be quite effective to implement the changes.


Leadership skill: A good leadership skill is also required to implement the required changes as a part of organizational development process. With good leadership skills, organization could be made prepared for its goals. It would motivate the employees and keep the morale of employees high for required changes. With effective leadership skill, organization would be able to create teams required to implement changes within organization.


Competency development skill: Competency development skill would also be required by organization to implement the required changes in organization. Through competency skill, organization would be able to assign the job and responsibility quite effectively to its employees on the basis of knowledge, skill and expertise. With effective distribution of key roles within employees accordingly, the objective of change implementation could be achieved easily.


Communication skill: Effective communication skill is also required for successful implementation of change management in organization. With effective communication, organization is able to convey the message to its employees. Meanwhile, it will be also able to provide proper feedback to teams involved with change implementation within organization. It ensures better coordination and cooperation between various departments that is very important for successful change implementation within organization.


Short and Long-term Change Strategies: Since managing change is an important process and a small mistake may affect the whole change management process of organization, it is very important for organization to introduce appropriate change management strategies (Curtis, 2011). Following are some short-term and long-term change strategies that could be used by organization to implement required changes under financial crisis:


Short-term change strategies Assessment of organizational readiness: Under this strategy, organization should evaluate the highest level of impact that organization had as a result of this crisis. Meanwhile, identifying key risk factors and means to address those risks would also be beneficial for successful change implementation. With this strategy, time of organization would be saved as organization is aware of the areas to be looked into.


Engaging leaders: Engaging leaders in the plan and taking their support also adds value to the successful change implementation in the organization. At the same time, facilitating individual change would also help to ensure successful change implementation within organization (Dunning, 2004). It will make individuals aware of the importance of change in organization.


Monitor and Remediate: Organization should also use measures to monitor the progress of change management through employee performance. It would help in step by step implementation of changes within organization by determining its sustainability.


Long-term change strategies Future state vision: The change need to be articulated in concise and compelling manner to help its successful implementation. This form of change would help to be shared the change at broad level throughout the organization. Meanwhile, it would provide organization with the future objective that would be accomplished through this change determining the importance of such change in the organization.


Organizational alignment: Alignment of specific programs and policies is also equally important to determine successful implementation of changes within organization. It would help to implement the requisite changes in near future under each situation. At the same time, it would also help to create a base of diversified employees that would help to contribute in the growth of organization under adverse situation also.


Staff transition: A transition plan for employees also needs to be developed in order to determine successful change implementation. It would help organization to retain its key employees during the process of change implementation by determining the success of organization for long time.


Impact of Resources: Resources play a vital role in successful implementation of change within organization. Without the support of organizational resources, it is not possible to determine successful change implementation in the organization. Since the change implementation is mainly concerned with human resource, it has significant influence over change implementation. Without getting support from its employees, it is not possible to implement these changes. Since the change is mainly for the employees, their support is very important. Employees generally resistant changes that affects organization from attaining its goals. So before going for any change implementation, it is very important to understand employees concern regarding the change to be implemented. Apart from this, resources like capital also have significant impact on the change implementation. Organization knows the importance of required changes, but the capital constraints do not allow company for such changes. Since change implementation involves huge cost associated, it is very important to define requisite source of capital for successful implementation of changes. There also sometimes some machinery does not support the process of organization. In such case, it becomes very difficult to go for change implementation. Organization is being affected from the resource for change implementation. Since different use of both process and technology could affect the growth and sustainability of organization; it needs to be taken very carefully. You can also get case study assignment help on financial crisis.


Conclusion: On the basis of above discussion, it could be said that organization has a wide number of OD process skills that could be used for successful implementation of required changes like system thinking, leadership. Similarly, with strategies like assessment of organizational readiness, future state vision, and organizational alignment organization could also ensure successful implementation of changes in the organization. At the same time, there is need for special concern towards resources like employees, capital and machinery as it may affect the success of change implementation in an organization.


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