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Ethical plan and policies for sales department: Ethics refers to the morality or non-morality for an organization in terms of doing right or wrong. For increasing sales and profitability under the ethical environment in the organization, ethical policies, laws and regulation are developed by the firms in sales and other departments. In ethical policies, the firms provide guidance to their salespersons for doing and not doing tasks.

In regulations, the firm includes rules and restricted areas for doing any work. Legal framework indicates the adoption and follows of governmental laws for running the business. Firstly ethical plan will be developed by the firm. After this, it will be implemented in the firm. Results of effects will be analyzed after implementing this plan. Lastly, the evaluation will be organized. In the ethical plan or policy, our assignment help experts view that, two types of ethics will be developed or recognized by the firm. First will be personal and second will be private or business ethics. Personal ethics will be developed by the firm in its salespersons. Personal ethics are related to individual’s thoughts, perception and values for doing right or wrong. The personal ethical standard will be developed by the firm for maintaining personal ethics among the salespersons.


In the personal ethical standard, trust, supplies of firm’s goods, use of firm’s assets will be included. It helps the firm in avoiding wastage and developing trust among its salespersons. Private ethics will be also enhanced by the firm among its salespersons. Private ethics indicates to the philosophy of the firm in terms of moral, legal and ethical issues of the firm and employees. In this, an ethical standard will be developed by the firm for encouraging an ethical working environment in or outside the organization. In this, the firm will aware the salespersons for business ethics that will include avoiding sharing customer’s information, acting ethically at a workplace, help each other and do not share organization’s information with outsiders. In the ethical plan business assignment help experts says that, above discussed ethical type, standard, rules, regulations and laws will be included for maintaining ethical working environment in the organization as well as among the salespersons.


In this, following points will be included: Ethics codes and system & policies to resolve the conflicts, honest and disclosure activities related to conducts and policies, Individual respect, confidentiality, fairness, related laws, financial transaction and coverage requirements will be included in the ethical policy of the firm for the sales department. For implementation, the ethical policy in the firm for the ethical plan will be developed. To implement the ethical policy effectively and efficiently in the firm, the advice of legal counsel will be invited by the firm to develop a strong program for generating awareness among the employees or salespersons. It will help the firm to create or develop understanding among the employees about the ethical policies and plan. In this, training and guidelines will be provided by the firm to implement this ethical plan in the firm and sales department.


As per assignment writers for successful implementation of the ethical policy and plan, a positive environment will be created by the firm. Goals among the salespersons and other employees will be cleared. It will help the firm to implement successfully its ethical plan among the different department, especially sales department. To monitor the result of implementing ethical plan in the organization, many actions will be taken by the firm. To increase the success of the implemented plan in the firm, it is important for an organization to monitor the result of that particular plan among the employees. In this, it will be recognized by the firm that how many employees are aware and unaware of the ethical policy. The employees, who are latent toward this policy will be recognized and guided by the firm. To evaluate the positive or negative impact of the ethical policy or business plan on the organization, the firm will assess all programs. On the failure of the policy, a reason for the ineffectiveness of the policy on the employees will be identified. These reasons will be minimized or removed from the organization’s management to increase chances of the success of this plan.


At the same time, if the policy or plan will succeed, then more scope for the ethical development will be identified or adopted. It will help the firm in maintaining ethical working environment in the firm and enhance ethical spirit among the salespersons. Ethical Plan and Business Ethics Assignment Help with Looking for business ethics assignment help or business plan assignment help? then contact at Our business assignment help experts are available 24X7 for your assignment help. We offer the best and original assignment help services to our students of US and Australia. Our assignment writing help services are pocket-friendly and you can check are our quality assignment help services then pay to us. So, hurry up and contact at