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If you are taking first time our assignment help services then you can first check our quality then pay to us. You can email us at Brand management is the concept, which has taken a most important place in today’s corporate world. Every organization works to make their brand more innovative and effective to attract customers’ attention quickly (Temporal, 2011). This assignment help paper includes the best brands those work most effectively to serve their name and image among the market.

Best Global Brands: Today, brands have made a unique image in the corporate world with the assessment of name, logo and unique features into one thing. Interbrand Corporation is a company which works to research best brand that delivers their best services to market. Every year, this corporation researches and ranks brand as per the criteria, which include financial performance, the role of brand in a purchase decision and the strength of the brand. In 2013, research the top five brand companies save their place on the basis of their 2012 report (Interbrand, 2013). Coco-Cola is the beverage brand which has secured the first place in the list to Top Global Brands 2012. This beverage brand had born in United State in 1886. The brand has gained this position with a value of $77,339 million (Financial Times, 2012). In the second place, Apple Inc is placed on the list of 2012. Apple Inc. is a well known for best designing ability in software and hardware.

The United State is the country where it has found. This is the best year for Apple Inc. as it has secured this second place with $76,568 million in brand value block (Nagel, 2012). The third one is the company which is famous for technology and consulting area, IBM. This brand was born in United State in the year of 1911. This has gained the brand value around $75,532 million which made it on the third position in the list (Nagel, 2012). Frothily, the brand is a fastest growing brand which has established itself with its unique and innovative service in Internet sector, Google. Google has secured the fourth place in the list with the brand value of $69,726 million. This organization is founded in the year of 1998 and headquarter is established in United State. The last and quite innovative corporation is Microsoft, which has positioned at fifth place of this list. The brand value of this brand in this 2012 is $57,853 million. This organization is founded in United States by Bill Gates and Paul Allen (The New York Times, 2012).

Change in Ranking:  As this research corporation analyzes, every year’s performance of brand at a global level so the change in ranks occurs at several times. From the comparison of 2012 and 2011’s ranking list, there is a huge change is analyzed. Expect first and fourth place of the list all ranks were secured by different brand names. In 2011 list, the second place was secured by IBM with the brand value of $69,905. The third place was secured by Microsoft with the brand value of $59,087 million. In the fifth place of a list, General Motors was placed and Apple Inc. was not numbered among top five ranks (Interbrand, 2011).

Percent Change in Brand Value: The change was quite drastic with the comparison of two years’ lists. The change occurs when brand value increases or decreases. Increment and decrement in brand value is quite a necessary aspect of this list because every organization analyzed on the basis of specific criteria, so the increscent and decrement is quite an obvious thing. Coca-Cola and Google are placed at same places in both years’ lists, but there is an increase of 8% and 26% is analyzed by brand value (The Ranking, 2011). Similarly, Apple Inc. is the most growing brand which has secured the second place with an increase of 129% (Mac Apple Intelligence, 2012). Due to such huge change in brand value, the brand has created a label of top raiser over the name in the list. The change in fifth place is secure by Microsoft in 2012 which was secured by GE in 2011. This change was quite surprising for the researcher because Microsoft has faced decrement of 2% in brand value and drop up in rank from third to fifth.

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