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In this article analysis business assignment help, we have selected the articles concerning staffing challenges in food and beverage operations.

In today’s environment, most of the companies in food and beverage industry are facing several problems that impact on their competitiveness as well as their profits in the market. In this, staffing is an important challenge that companies are facing. This paper articles related to the staffing challenges in food and beverage operations.

Article : Adams, S. (n.d.). Professional Development Within Food and Beverage at the Windsor Court Hotel. Retrieved from

Brief Summary: This article presents the problems and challenges of staff development in order to provide best services and facilities to the customers as per their requirements and needs. In the article, researcher stated that directing over 150 employees and staff members is a challenging task. In the food and beverage operations, keeping them informed about the current bar and restaurant offerings are also a tough task for the company. Moreover, in the article, researcher identified that to maintain the high knowledge and skills of the staff members and provide directions to them is a critical and challenging task because it takes time as well as cost of the company. This also provides challenges to the company to remain competitive in the market. Apart from this, in the article, researcher also identified a continuing education program for the staff members in order to develop their understanding and knowledge about the foods and beverages of the company. Article stated that this education program will be helpful for the employees to develop understanding about food menus and different types of beverages and drinks.

Staff Challenge and Its Effect: In the article, Adams (n.d.) explained the challenge that Windsor Court Hotel facing is related to the education of staff members about the food menu and beverage menu. Moreover, in the article, the staffing challenges are also related to the development of continuing education program such as changes in menu seasonally and the changes in cooking techniques that impact on the customers as well as profitability of the company. The hotel also faces the staff challenges related to the high turnover rate that creates effective impact on the sales and revenue of the food and beverage products of the hotel.

Suggestions to Overcome From Challenges: In order to overcome from these challenges, Adams (n.d.) provided some effective suggestions that can help the company to retain the staff and to educate them about the operations of food and beverage. In this, manager should provide the training and development programs for the staff members. It can support company to keep interest of employees in the food and beverage operations of hotel. Company can also provide effective and educational books and journals about the food and beverage operations that can support staff members to increase interest in the operations. This can also be helpful for the manager to reduce the turnover ratio in the organization. Conclusion From the discussion, it can be concluded that staffing challenges in food and beverage operations creates the negative impact that directly influence the overall operations as well as profitability of the organizations. The main staffing challenges are include high turnover rates, education, training and the less knowledge about the food menu and beverage menu in food and beverage operations.

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