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Project Leadership Strategy Assignment Help on the following question :

    • Describe a leadership strategy and challenges in terms of the organization as a whole and any politics that may exist.
    • Describe a leadership strategy in terms of the project team and developing them into a high-performance team.
    • Describe a leadership strategy in terms of preparing project stakeholders for the change brought about by the delivery of the selected project.                

Project Leadership Strategy For Organization and Politics:

Strategy: Participative leadership strategy will be used for the organization as a whole. As a part of this strategy, views and opinions of all project team members will be taken to decide about the project related aspects. Acceptance of project management will be also assured.

Challenges: There are chances of challenges due to existing organizational politics. These challenges may be resistance by staff members, lack of management support, lack of resources, poor technical support etc. To deal with these challenges, approval of management will be taken before starting the project. Benefits and implications of project will be communicated to both management and staff members to address the challenges in terms of support and resistance.

For Project Team: Participative leadership strategy will be used for the project team. In others, words assignment helper tutors say that ideas of project team members in terms of any changes required for the project to maintain the cost and quality will be invited and implemented by the project manager. For a quality and low-cost project that is transparent, it is vital to have a high-performance team. To turn the project team into the high-performance team, following steps or strategies will be adopted or used in the project management.

Decentralized Decision Making: Decentralized Decision making will be used to turn the project team into a high-performance team. Ideas, feelings, thoughts, overviews etc of team members will be asked to develop a strong understanding of team members (Business Strategy Assignment Help). It will empower the team members towards making their own decisions to achieve the expected project deliverables one time with low cost and expected high quality.

Creativity: Creativity will be fostered into project team to handle the problems or issues before then turn into conflicts. The team will be prepared to develop creative conflict Handling Skills. As a part of this, they will rectify the problems rather than putting them in future conflicts. The team will be also developed in such a way that they will learn from problems and develop a protocol to resolve similar kinds of conflicts in future with that protocol. In other words, our strategy management assignment help says that this practice will turn chaos from project team into creativity.

Teamwork: Teamwork skills will be also developed among project team to turn them into high-performance team. As a part of this, only people with right skills, right knowledge and attitude at right time will be included in the project team.

Team Management Practices: First of all, vision or goal of the project will be clearly communicated or stated to the project team members. Next, to this, roles and responsibilities of each team member will be also explained at initial level to avoid any confusion for project activities. Resources and expertise needed for the project team to turn into high-performance team will be provided by the project manager. Support of organization will be also given to the project team when required. Team norms and conduct will be also developed among the team members to ensure respect, cohesion and commitment for overall project performance. Along with this, it will also develop approach to handle the challenges and use full potential to resolve a problem.

Problem Solving Approach: A disciplined problem-solving approach will be developed among the project team members. It will help to think beyond the grounds and generate workable solutions that produce synergy effects (1+1<2).

For Project Stakeholders: Change comes with challenges or resistance, if not communicated timely and properly. Project stakeholders are important for the project, as they are affected by the deliverables of any project. So, to manage the stakeholders about the changes related to the project in terms of deliverables, change request and revisions made in the project will be forwarded to the stakeholders in advance. Along with this, implications and benefits of these changes in deliverables will be also explained through documentation and emails. These strategies will help in avoiding any shock to stakeholders due to changes in deliverables. So, it would also address their resistance or unexpected response that is generally created due to changes in project deliverables. Get strategy management assignment help with We provide original management assignment help to our clients. We are available 24X7 for your assignment help at