Globalization in Measurement Process Assignment Help

Globalization in Measurement Process Assignment Help Impact of Globalization in Measurement Process

Globalization has affected the measurement process within the organization. Earlier, when the concept of globalization was not come into existence, organizations measure the performance on the basis of their domestic country level. After the globalization, organization has increased the level of measurement due to increase in the level of competition. Managers have to frame performance measurement strategies according to the international market. As per assignment help experts, Organizations also have to adopt the effective controlling system. It is analyzed that many organization has spent time and resources in order to implement the balanced performance measurement system within the organization to retain competitive workforce (Kennerley & Neely, 2003). For example, British Airways has made changes in its performance measurement process. Company is focused towards giving much attention towards the team work. Company has adopted the innovative and effective performance management system in order to measure the performance. British Airways has also started adopting different strategies for implementing the control system efficiently. With the change in performance measurement process, company is able to sustain in competitive market environment (British Airways, 2010). In addition to this, company can be able to build its internal capability and make development in the skills and knowledge of employees. Thus, it is analyzed that organization has to made changes in its performance measurement system according to the change in external environment. Company has started focusing towards the key result areas within the internal structure. Additionally, this strategy helped the company to make improvement in the overall performance of employees. With the help of changes in measurement process, employees of the company become more accountable. Further, company can be able to manage the overall activities, which are helpful in achieving the aims and objectives more efficiently (British Airways, 2010). Therefore our case study help experts says that, in order to sustain the business in competitive market, organizations have to made changes in its overall structure.


References British Airways (2010). Retrieved from Kennerley, M. & Neely, A. (2003). Measuring performance in a changing business environment. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 23(2), p. 213-229. Avail 24X7 Globalization business  assignment help  services from our experts. We assure you that you will get original assignment help with in the deadline and your assignment paper will not be discussed with our clients.