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Memo on Health and Human Services Memorandum   

                                                                      To: Supervisor From: Analyst Date: 20 May, 2016 Subject: Description of Top Most Problems in the Current Health Care System Current Problems in the Health Care System Increasing Financial Burden: The rising cost of health care and health insurance is one of the most important issues that remain unresolved in country’s health care system. The health care costs are increasing at higher rate than wages increase that is creating financial burden on common people. Along with this health care system case study assignment help, it is also increasing financial burden on government due to rising costs of sponsored health programs (Cogan, Hubbard & Kessler, 2012). Equity and Responsiveness: At present, approximately 15% of total population does not have any type of health insurance and remain uninsured due to higher insurance costs that are also a major issue in current health care system. It is also an important issue because it increases amount of medical bills that cause financial hardship (Xiang, 2011).


Unsatisfactory Health Care Performance: According to WHO (World Health Organization), the US health care system is ranked 37th in the world in overall performance. The health care system placed behind many small countries due to higher infant and maternal mortality rate and lower life expectancy rate that is a major concern (Xiang, 2011). Lack of Accessibility: Under the current health care system, insurance companies are profit driven which many times refuses to sell insurance policy to those applicants who considered with high risk due to financial weakness. It creates challenges in front of common people to purchase insurance policy (Cogan, Hubbard & Kessler, 2012). Political Struggle on Health Reform: Most of the governments failed to make universal health programs and reforms to develop an effective and affordable health care system.


Suggestions to Resolve Problems

  • The US government should establish a national health insurance system to ensure basic health care for every citizen.
  • Redesign Medicare and Medicaid (Cogan, Hubbard & Kessler, 2012).
  • Reform insurance markets to increase availability of low-cost and portable health insurance.

  References Cogan, J.F., Hubbard, G & Kessler, D.P. (2012). The Wrong Remedy for Health Care. Retrieved from Xiang, H. (2011). The US Healthcare System: Current Issues and Proposal for Further Reform. Retrieved from Get 100% original business case study assignment help services from our experts. We assure you that you will get authentic  content from our US and Australia assignment help experts.You can first check our assignment paper quality then you can confirm your assignment with us. We have more than 15 years experience of proving business assignment help to our US,UK and Australian students.