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 Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help

Teece, D. J. (2010). Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation. Long Range Planning, 43(1), 172-194. Treece (2010) conducted his research to find out the relationship between business models, business strategy and innovation. In this research, it is find out that when a business enterprise is established, it implements a particular business model that describes the design of the value creation, delivery and mechanisms. A business model defines how the enterprise creates and delivers values to customers and converts payments into profits. In order to gain profits, business pioneers need to implement innovations in business strategies, products, business models to understand the needs of customers and technological advancements. Business models and strategies are often necessitated by technological innovation that brings discoveries to market and provide opportunity to businesses to satisfy the unanswered customer needs. At the same time, new business models can represent a form of innovation. Along with this, it is also identified that innovation is a key element of business model design to capture value. This article increased understanding about the business models, market behavior, competition, innovation, strategy and competitive advantage.

With the help of this article, business models and their role in entrepreneurship, innovation and business performance is evaluated. In this way, this article case study assignment help shows the relationship between innovation and business strategies effectively. Current strategic management trends There are various strategic management trends that are shaped by innovation including strategic human resource management, procurement, team building and development, TQM, cultural innovation and transformation, information technology, corporate governance and etc. Due to globalization, it is important that these strategic management trends should be changed and follows new technologies and systems. Innovation helps to shape these trends according to the need of present environment. Through implementing new technologies and programs in these trends, organizations can satisfy the needs of customers and gain the objectives.

For example, with the help of innovation in training programs and SHRM, organization can build capacity of human resources. Most influential aspects of innovation From the literature review of these articles, it is identified that product and process innovation is the most influential aspects of innovation that shapes the strategic management and influence the overall performance of the organization. Along with this, innovation in business models and technologies help to design the effective system and strategic management for the organization. In addition of this, networking, communication and information technology are useful and important tools to shape and change strategic management according to the external environment and business needs. So, these all aspects are most influential and important to shape the strategic management in suitable manner. We are the most experienced  assignment writers of US and Australia and have done thousands of assignments without any mistake. We assure you that you will get perfect annotated bibliography assignment help on time. You can call us or e-mail us your assignment any time.