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Topic: Profile a health information exchange organization.


Conduct a search of the Internet, consult professional journals or interview a professional in the field. Research the status of health information exchange implementation in your state. Connect your findings to course objectives Health Information Exchange Organization Profile Assignment Help  Health information exchanges organizations (IHE) that allow the exchange of health information with the states or outside the state.

These organizations only permit exchange of health information for treatment purpose in between the hospitals, physicians, and pharmacies. The significant exchange of information can be made through electronic way for transferring health information (E-Health Initiative, 2009). At the same time, these organizations only authorize to the recognized standards for electronic mode exchange of health information. The health information exchange helps to maintain meaning of the information. IHE profile is significant to communicate about Cross-Community Patient Discovery (XCPD), Cross-Community Access (XCA) query and retrieve etc. Status of Health Information Exchange Implementation in New Jersey As per our health management assignment help experts, In New Jersey (NJ), Health Information Exchange has been implemented to develop a strategy for state providers. It is helpful to cope with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) incentive program that is also important for substantive health information.


The status of HIE in New Jersey is improved, because it has implemented a strategy that is good for both national and local node (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, 2012).This strategy is made to strengthen the local networks as well as build a network of networks by covering all the networks of all the states. Thus, it creates a connection between four Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs) in New Jersey. Along with this management assignment help services, the plan of NJ also concentrates on making exchange efforts in regional and local areas. NJ would also use a big share of ONC fund for the purpose of data liquidity and supporting providers. This purpose would be effective to achieve the meaning health information and data from the four RHIOs. The local and regional health information exchange will be matched with strategic policy and operation interventions (State Health Information Exchange Program, 2011).


In this state, plan of health information exchange supports innovation by implementing HIT innovation center. It is a partnership between St. Barnabus healthcare system and New Jersey Institute of Technology. This center takes help of NJIT students for making and generating HIE applications. Apart from this, it is also found that health information exchange implementation in NJ supports to node-to-node exchange (Melvin, 2010). It is a state wise service organization which connects HIEs to brokers and backbones. Therefore, it is a record locator service and patient health record service that establishes the patients records outside the state. In addition, HIE in NJ is also considered as advancing multi-state collaborations that contribute in several activities to middle Atlantic areas (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, 2012).


For this, NJ HIE has implemented standards related to interaction and communication for securing the health information. In addition, HIE also have effective status related to the consumer engagement. It is because it makes several outreach efforts to engage the consumers. At the same time, the findings of this course are interrelated to its objectives. In this course, the status of health information exchange of NJ is analyzed that is the main objective of this course (Andry & Lin, 2012). It is also aimed to identify the profile of Health Information Exchange Organization. Its findings are appropriate to reach at the objectives of the course. It is also determined that the exchange of health information is beneficial for doctors and authentic members to improve their understating and desires related to the treatments. It is also analyzed that HIE initiatives mainly concentrate on some important areas such as technology, ability, monetary standard, synchronization and business information systems. In addition, all the activities are supportive to concentrate on national, state, and local levels (Hyatt & Hopkins, 2012).


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