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Health Management Assignment help on Public Interest: Spending to Save on Obesity


Impact of Article on Restaurant Industry The article written over the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is quite significant in present with increasing obesity-related issues in America. In last 30 years, America has faced unmatched obesity epidemic and the efforts to stop it are critically needed now. Otherwise, it would become difficult to stop its effects on people’s health in coming time. With this article, it becomes clear that since 1980, obesity rates have tripled, to around 18% for children and 34% for adults. Obesity, in turn, results in more issues of diabetes, high blood pressure, more heart attacks, and more cancer patients.


All these issues, in turn, direct towards $150 billion increased medical costs.n this regard, food industry believes that they are not responsible for this as obesity is a matter of personal responsibility. This is not true actually as the food industry is also somewhere responsible for serving the extensive menu of junk foods (Oliver, 2006). This article might also impact the restaurant industry if the problem keeps going on in future also.


In accordance to the information and facts related to obesity presented in this article describes that in coming time, it will become essential for the restaurant industry players to let customers know about the nutritional facts they are offering. With planned efforts and collective spending on anti-obesity pilot programs, this will become vital for restaurant industry players to changes their business strategies and serve foods that have high nutrition values with clear descriptions. If, restaurants are not involved in anti-obesity pilot programs, their customers may come to switch to some other restaurant promising to serve them with high nutritious food and snacks with low calories. So, it is better for restaurant industry players to take this seriously and start thinking upon it to maintain their position in the long-run.


This assignment help article might persuade the restaurant industry to change if all aspects described in this are understood well. One can identify the trends about to evolve in the industry in coming time. Today, customers are becoming quite conscious about their health and want business players to behave responsibly. Companies or restaurants able to behave responsibly as per society benefit would survive only in future. So, with obesity-related problems and increasing medical costs, it is beneficial for restaurants to think in this regard and take appropriate measures to plan some of their spendings in regard to dealing with the issue of obesity.


Restaurants can describe their customers with the nutrition value they will receive with the food ordered and what would be more beneficial for them. As per article analysis business assignment help experts, the article written is really persuading if, all the facts presented analyzed in regard to maintaining business in long-run. Today, restaurants spend the huge amount on promotion and advertising and if they also start spending some amount on anti-obesity programs, it will become easy for the country government to deal with obesity and related health problems.


All restaurant industry players should get involve in mass-media campaigns and worksite wellness programs to encourage their customers to eat less junk food and more healthful products. All information presented in this article at CSPI is effective to persuade restaurant industry to change but further decisions are on industry players and their ability to see the long-term business potential. Justification of the Issues raised by CSPI The issues raised by CSPI in regard to obesity and save on obesity with some spending is quite justified as otherwise, in future the medical costs related to obesity and other health-related problems will increase a lot.


In present, it is vital to take action and planned initiatives to control this issue and take collective mass level campaigns to control obesity. When companies can spend huge amounts on promotion and advertising then what is the issue to spend some amount on anti-obesity programs and worksite wellness programs to increase awareness among people about the harm of junk food. In regard to the issues presented by CSPI in this article analysis assignment help, restaurant industry should change as directly or indirectly they are serving customers with more and more junk food. Instead of serving customers with junk food they should try to serve them with healthy food that contains high nutrition. If they cannot do this thoroughly as it will affect their business and profit at least they should collectively spend some amount on anti-obesity programs to create awareness among customers and young generation.


With increasing health consciousness among most of the people in present, it is also vital for the restaurant industry to motivate its players to think sensibly and use strategies and programs that could help them in long-run. Companies operating without indulgence in such programs would not be able to survive in future as in future customers would usually prefer to have healthy food in regard to maintaining their health. The issues raised by CSPI are quite helpful for industry players if, considered seriously in present (Spending to Save on Obesity, 2012). So, it can be said that all restaurant industry players should take obesity-related issues seriously and should think about this concern to overcome it as soon as possible.


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