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Health Insurance Arguments Assignment Help Experts: In order to give a response to different privacy issues, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), was passed by the federal government in 1996. Rules to implement the standards for electronic transactions were also issued on April 14, 2001. Additionally, after considering the issue, the state Assignment Help legislatures also passed privacy of health information. In this article, the researcher described the status of patient privacy and confidentiality protections in the states with the help of different state laws and the HIPAA standards for electronic transactions. In order to create the privacy of health care information act, The Hawaii legislature passed House Bill 351 during its 1999 session also known as Act 87. Behind proposing this solution, the legislature concludes that “individuals have a constitutional right to privacy in relation to their personal health information and records as well as information about their medical care and health status”.  There is another state legislature by Rhode Island that also supports proposed solution. The argument behind this legislation is that a patient has the right to access his/her medical record and without the written consent of the patient or the patient’s authorized representative, a patient’s confidential health care information should not release. If you looking for any topic Assignment Help Australia then hurry up and please e-mail us your any business assignment help at