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Population Issue and Impact Human Resource Assignment Help: Today’s a great deal of attention is towards the issue of patient privacy and confidentiality of health information. Due to the advancement of information technology, development of the heath care delivery system and easy disclose of personal information through electronic media, these issues are increasing regularly. This Human Resource Assignment Help paper discusses an article, “Patient privacy and health information confidentiality” by Sutton.  This paper explores the issue discussed in the article and the impact on the population it affects most. Additionally, facts that are used in the article to support the proposed solution are also discussed in this paper. Ethical and legal issues and the managerial responsibilities related to administrative ethical issues are also discussed at the end of this chapter. Issue and its Impact on the Population Strong ethical standards are maintained by physicians in order to keep privacy and confidentiality of patient health information. These standards are considered as a sacred part of the physician-patient relationship. However, most of the physicians follow ethics, while keeping patient privacy, but there are other elements of health care system that are not committed to preserving patient privacy. This article discusses the issue of patient privacy. Health Nursing Assignment Help organizations can use patient data for direct marketing of pharmaceuticals, ensuring the financial integrity of publicly financed health care systems and assessing the quality of care provided by individual physicians or under various health plans. Use of patient information in such a way can impact the mind and behavior of patients. This article stated that if their personal medical information is used by health care companies, it can impact on the patient in several ways. For example, it may influence the employer’s decision regarding promotion or downsizing and be made public in press reports or civil court actions. If you looking for any topic assignment help then hurry up and please e-mail us your any business assignment help at info@www.assignmenthelpexperts.com