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Risk Measurement & Minimization by Strategic Assignment Help Experts: Kraft food mainly measures risk by identifying threats and macroeconomic variables (inflation, government rules and regulations). In addition, the earnings volatility method is also used by Kraft,  where potential earnings are measured against expected and unexpected financial loss. Apart from this, the direct estimation method is also used by the company, which the Strategic Assignment Help expert managers of the company determine the real risk associated with a business venture. Additionally, by identifying positive potential consequences and by developing the risk mitigation action plan, Kraft Food anticipates uncertainty. The company also uses risk assessment questionnaires and project planning evaluation checklist to reduce the organizational risk. Objectives of the Company Kraft Food’s long-term objectives on profitability, competitive activities and technological and market leadership, as well as its social and environmental responsibilities, is:

Long-Term Objectives
Profitability Objectives Ø  To expand the business in the international market Ø  To expand presence in growing trade channels (Lussier, 2008). Ø  To improve quality of the product/service at the lowest cost
Competitive Objectives Ø  To provide standardized products at low cost
Technological Objectives Ø  To bring technology in production and operation department Ø  To reduce the cost of production by innovative technology
On Social And Environmental Responsibilities Ø  To fulfill corporate social responsibilities & deal with the government with honesty (Carmody, 2004). Ø  To minimize waste & reduce use of natural resources Ø  To treat customer fairly
Market Leadership Ø  To increase the market share (Kraft Food, 2012).

Process to raises funds for capital investment Kraft uses stock equity and long-term debt source of financing to raise funds for capital investments. Common stock equity represents equity shares of Kraft Food that is used to raise funds from the market through initial public offering. Basically, Kraft Food uses this for the purpose of business expansion, new product development and setting of the new plant. Apart from this, long-term debt is also issued by the company for long-term financing purpose. The company uses debt and equity in proper ratio in order to maintain its capital structure. From Case Study Assignment Help, it is concluded that Kraft food is a successful corporation in the food and beverage industry. It has significant long objectives and goals to gain the higher market share. Additionally, the company uses several strategies to minimize the business risk. If you looking for any topic assignment help then hurry up and please e-mail us your any business assignment help at info@www.assignmenthelpexperts.com