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This Healthcare case study help paper will discuss healthcare communication and its relation with other healthcare professionals, clients, patients. The influence of healthcare communication over the health outcomes, while considering theories and principles of therapeutic communication will be discussed in this assignment help paper.

Healthcare Communication Communication at healthcare can be defined as a process in which dissemination and interpretation of health-related messages take place. In healthcare communication process, two parties such as disseminator (communicator) and interpreter (receipt) both are involved. The disseminator in this process can be an organization, an individual or a mass medium. The interpreter of health–related message can be a group, an individual, an organization or a mass public. Communication at healthcare can be occurred in variety of contexts. The dissemination and interpretation of health-related message between doctor and patient is termed as interpersonal healthcare communication (Steinberg, 2007). The dissemination of healthcare message in an organization through the use of mass media is also an example of healthcare communication.

Relevancy with Other Healthcare Professionals, Clients, Patients In order to provide effective personal healthcare services, healthcare professional, clients and patient play a vital role in the organization. Personal interaction between the service providers and patients directly influences the level of satisfaction, self-care and overall health outcomes accordingly. Verbal communication that takes place between the healthcare professional and patient is quite important to make them aware in regard to the actual status of health and the possible consequences and solutions (Fitzpatrick & Wallace, 2005). Such interaction from the side of healthcare professional plays a vital role for conducting effective healthcare communication. At the same time our assignment help tutors writeen that the patient’s role is also important in obtaining effective personal healthcare services. By communicating with patients, healthcare professionals are engaged to promote individuals’ contribution for managing disease and illness effectively. By effective personal healthcare communication, healthcare staff is engaged to provide support and education for increasing patients’ skills and confidence to manage their healthcare problems themselves, which reduces cost of healthcare (Bryan, 2009). It is because communication among healthcare professionals, clients etc. are essential to provide appropriate support and to increase the patient’s ability to live accordingly.

Relevancy of Effective Professional Health Care Communication to Health Outcomes The outcomes of healthcare services are influenced by the communication of healthcare professionals. An effective communication among healthcare professional helps to coordinate their services that is effective to provide a patient-centered quality care. By communicating with patients, healthcare professionals are engaged to understand their needs and concerns in effective manner that help to provide significant and appropriate treatment. It improves the level of health outcomes. In addition, the ability to communicate with patients also motivates healthcare professionals at their job as through this they are enabled to accomplish their duty at the deeper level by proving more accurate and quality solution (Steinberg, 2007). In this way, effective professional healthcare communication contributes to increase the quality of health outcome. At the same time, communication assignment help has become an effective tool through which healthcare professional are enabled to observe patients’ emotions and to understand their conditions accordingly. Due to this, patients are felt comfortable with their doctors and it improves the level of healthcare outcomes. In addition, the existence of an open line communication among the healthcare professionals is also helpful to develop clear understanding in regard to the patients’ conditions and background as well. With this information, professionals are enabled to exercise their critical thinking for determining certain procedures that can affect the patients (O’Toole, 2009). Eventually, effective communication is quite beneficial to increase treatment understanding and patient satisfaction that improves health outcomes. Influence of lacking in Effective Personal and Professional Health Care Communications over Health Outcome The lack of communication in either personal or professional communication is quite responsible to influence the health outcomes negatively. Due to lack of personal communication, healthcare professionals are not enabled to analyze the need and actual concern of patients that affects the treatment at greater extent and it leads to produce negative health outcomes. At the same time, an effective communication plays an important role to encourage the patient for fighting against the disease (Gwen, 2009). Without the effective communication, patients are not enabled to contribute in managing illness and disease and it leads poor health outcomes. The lack of effective communication is also responsible to distract the coordination among healthcare professionals, while providing treatment to an individual. The poor co-ordination leads to poor understanding in regard to patients’ background and condition that negatively influences the health outcomes. Eventually, any lacking of communication is responsible to influence patient satisfaction, loyalty etc. that affects the health outcome accordingly (Brown, Crawford & Carter, 2006).

Theories and Principles of Therapeutic Communication It is a form of psychotherapy in which both verbal and nonverbal techniques are used by healthcare professionals, while providing treatment to patients. There are mainly three theories such as Peplau’s interpersonal relationship theory, Dyadic interpersonal communication model and experiential communication theory exercised in therapeutic communication (Jones and Bartlett Publishers). Each theory is aimed to increase self-worth or decrease psychological distress by collecting information to determine the illness, assessing and modifying the behavior, and providing health education. As per HR health care assignment help experts, both time and place are important principles that are considered by healthcare professional and nurses in therapeutic communication. In this communication, an appropriate time is provided by healthcare professionals to their patients for interaction. A comfortable and private physical environment is also required for this communication, so that healthcare professionals can be enabled to encourage patients for sharing information and to gain their trust accordingly. Acceptance is also another principle of therapeutic communication through which healthcare professionals are tended to accept and understand the patients in their actual position. Active listening is also a principle that tends healthcare providers to understand both what is said and what is not said by the patients (Daniels, 2004). Conclusion From the above discussion by health care case study help experts of US and Australia concluded that effective communication plays an important role to improve the outcomes of healthcare. It increases coordination among the healthcare professionals that improves the satisfaction level of patients. References Brown, B., Crawford, P. & Carter, R. (2006).  Evidence-Based Health Communication. USA: McGraw-Hill International. Bryan, K. (2009). Communication in Healthcare. Germany: Peter Lang. Daniels, R. (2004). Nursing Fundamentals: Caring & Clinical Decision Making. USA: Cengage Learning. Fitzpatrick, J.J. & Wallace, M. (2005). Encyclopedia of Nursing Research (2nd ed.). Springer Publishing Company. Gwen, V. (2009). Communication Skills for the Health Care Professional: Concepts, Practice, and Evidence (2nd ed.). USA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Jones and Bartlett Publishers (n.d.). Chapter one: Perspectives and Principles of Therapeutic Communication. Retrieved from: O’Toole, G. (2009). Communication: Core Interpersonal Skills for Health Professionals. Australia: Elsevier Australia. Steinberg, S. (2007). An Introduction to Communication Studies. South Africa: Juta and Company Ltd. Now avail Business Assignment Help services from our experts of US and Australia. You can call us or e-mail us your assignment any time. We assure you that you will get best and quality business healthcare help from our experts.