How Do I Write an Assignment

The basic steps that are undertaken for writing the assignment are planning, analyzing the questions, draft an outline, gathering information, writing the recorded information, editing, and proofreading. The task can begin by giving the synopsis of topic selected for preparing the assignment. This will give an understanding to the reader about what will be presented in the assignment. The matter and information related to main topic must be collected well in advance.

It is important to include graphs, tables, and diagrams in assignment to make it more attractive and to give a detailed description of the topic. To explain the topic, a writer can give practical example of realistic situations in order to increase creditability of an assignment.

After giving synopsis, the next part is introductory section which contains all the matter connected to topic. This part usually contains 10% of the assignment. The main body must contain the matter linked to the thesis stated in introduction part.

All the learning and knowledge gained from a study need to be concluded at the end of assignment.  Always keep in mind that no new information is to be included in conclusion.

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After undergoing all the important steps, check whether you have answered all the questions or not, grammar, punctuation or spelling errors must be reviewed in order to correct them, assignment is prepared according to word count. Referencing must be done in proper manner. Various types of referencing are APA, Harvard, Oxford, Chicago, and MLA. Referencing can be done in any form depending upon the guidelines mentioned in  an assignment.

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