Tips for Effective Assignment Writing

Whole assignment is divided into 3 sections: Introduction, main body, and conclusion. Due consideration must be given to each of the section.


When you start writing the introduction, it must contain a clear thesis statement and synopsis of the chosen topic. The writer must give a clear background of the topic. The introduction phase of the assignment contains 10% to 20%. Introduction builds the first impression in the eye of reader. Hence, all the guidelines must be followed to write introduction. If your introduction contains any complex terminology, definition must be given in order to make it simpler to understand.

Main Body:

Paragraphs in the main body gives detailed or expanded knowledge on the points discussed in introduction part. Practical examples and evidences can be provided to strengthen your statements. Contradictory ideas and thoughts of different authors are explained in this phase. Sometimes, the paragraphs of main body include two sections: problem and solutions. Each paragraph written must stick to the main topic of an assignment. Various graphs and tables are also given to validate the facts and figures related to the main topic.

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The conclusion usually contains 10% of the whole assignment. It summarizes the important points that had been learnt during study. Remember not to mention any fresh point in the conclusion part. Always link your conclusion to the main topic of the assignment and answers briefly that has been asked. Avoid using any personalize words like, ‘we’ and ‘I’. Conclusion can end up by including any comment or suggestions related to the topic. Give solution to the issues addressed in research.

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