How to Read an Assignment

There can be various purposes for reading. Like, it can be for preparing an assignment or for exams. If you are reading for the purpose of an assignment, the title must be kept in mind. Writer can read out textbooks, reference books, newspapers, journals, and articles to find out related information.

Reading helps to bridge the gap between what is your current knowledge and what is required for completing assignment. Skimming, scanning, and SQ3R are types of techniques used in reading. Skimming technique is useful when the reader just need to randomly review the text. Scanning can be approachable when the reader wants to gather detailed information about the topic. SQ3R refers to survey, question, read, recall, and review.

Do not read multiple text at a time as this will leads to confusion and misconception. The reader can make use of highlighter to color the main points that are necessary for preparing project. This will allows focusing on points only if you again read the text in future. Always make use of dictionary to understand the meaning of any technical or jargon words. Do not make reading a tough task, break can be taken by the reader to feel relax. After reading the whole text, try to summarize the matter in one paragraph. This will gives you brief insight of the topic as and when you read it in future.  It must to be analyzed whether it will be beneficial to read to the text or not.

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After winding up your assignment, reread the text to identify that all valuable information is included in the assignment, does not involve the grammatical errors and all the requirements asked for preparing the assignment are met.

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