How to Make Mind Map

How to make mind map                                                                                   As per business management assignment help experts, the map begins by addressing the problem: That I want a red stapler but do not have one. In response to this problem, the critical thinker makes a claim.

Having a red stapler will make me a better manager, implying that a blue stapler makes me a less effective manager. This can also be viewed as the goal or purpose of the critical thinking process. Evidence may be used to support this claim, but generally claims are defined by questions. Questions ask what the significance of the claim is and how it might play out in the real world. Evidence, then, is used to respond to and clarify these questions. As the critical thinker begins to answer these questions based on the evidence at hand, further questions for precision or clarification, or even more claims can be made. As there is no data to explore this new area further, the critical thinker has discovered an area of research and recommends steps for obtaining the precise information needed. Get 24×7 business assignment help from the experts of US,UK and Asutralia. You can call us or e-mail us your assignment any time.