Public Relation Plan Assignment Help

Public Relation Plan Assignment Help

Memorandum To: Senior Manager, ABC Ltd. From: XYZ Date: 24th May, 2011 Sub: Public Relation Plan Our assignment help experts selected the ABC car ltd. ABC Ltd is car making company dealing in luxury cars for its target market. The company is engaged in manufacturing of luxurious and sports cars for its customers in different

markets. The company is engaged only in the production of premium and sports cars for its customers with more efficient technologies and fuel efficiency. It is because in today’s market, consumers are more conscious towards the use of luxurious products, so it has become important for the organizations to have effective relation with them in order to accomplish their needs and desires and to attract them for the organizational products and services (Smith 2004).

The target audience of the company is the people within age group of 20 to 35 with high income level as sports and premium cars are mainly preferred by these types of audiences. Company targets the market on the basis of age and income demographics as people within the young age and high income group will prefer more to the products and services of the customers. The market research and analysis depicts that company is facing problem with effective public relation plan that is affecting its competitiveness within the industry. Finding reveals that, the company immediately needs a PR plan to establish a strong relationship with its customers, employees and stakeholders. Public relation activities help the organizations to be sustainable in competitive environment (Garcia 2010).

Public Relation Activities

Public relation activities play an important role in the growth of an organization. It is a tool to facilitate strong relationship with people of the organization. ABC Ltd needs to follow specific public relation activities in order to attract maximum number of customers in compare to its competitors (Lee 2006). As per business assignment help experts, Following are some of the PR activities that will be used for whole year to increase revenue for the company:

To conduct workshops: The ABC Ltd. has option to conduct workshop in the weekends to build strong relationship with its customers. It is a very effective tool to enhance customer relationship. Most of the customers feel attachment with the company providing maximum benefits to the customers. At the same time, this will provide an opportunity to employees to interact with the customers in order to satisfy them better (Gregory 2004). During workshops customers would be able to obtain the services of free car checkups and many more.

Social welfare activities: ABC Company also has the option to conduct social welfare activities such as blood donation camp, educational camp etc. for the society in order to maintain strong public relation. This will help to interact with the public and to aware them about the organizational activities that may lead high customer volume for organization.

Charitable donation: The Company will also have charitable donations in order to build a good relationship within the society. The donation given to the charitable trust will seek the attention of the society and may lead to establishing a good relation with them. In today’s competitive environment, this activity is being followed by most of the organizations. (Ames 2010).

Event sponsorship: Event sponsorship is another effective PR activity that ABC Ltd can follow to maintain good relation with the society. It will sponsor different types of functions taking place in the society to strike into the customers mind. This will not only help to increase the customer base for the company but will also ensure a loyal customer base for the company.

Regular meetings and feedback sessions: The Company will have regular meeting with the stakeholders to listen their suggestions and problems. This would help to build a strong relationship with the stakeholders of the company. At the same time, it will enable the organization with information regarding effectiveness of it public relation activities (Hoy, Raaz & Wehmeie 2007).

Factory tours: At the same time, the company will also arrange factory tour for its employees to enhance their skill as well as to establish good relationship. The arrangement of this tour will help to retain the key employees in this competitive environment. At the same time, it will also help to sort-out the minor difficulties arising in the car with the help of this factory tour. At the same time, it will also help to build effective relationship with customers as they will know about the manufacturing process and quality determination.

PR Plan Objectives

In relation to this PR plan, following are the objectives of this plan that will determine effectiveness of the plan: • To increase the number of target audience by 20% till 2012 • To increase business profitability through increase in customer base and market share • To establish a strong relationship with its stakeholders and to manage their interest with organizational goals Action Intended to Attain Objective It is very important for the organizations to have effective actions in order to attain its PR objectives. The effectiveness of these actions will ensure effective public relation of the company. In order to effectively attain the objectives of its PR, ABC Ltd. will use following activities: Directing and coordinating authorities: The ABC Ltd. will direct the personnel responsible for PR activities in order to attain the objectives. Pressure from the higher management can help organization to attain organizational objectives effectively with the help different PR activities (Gregory 2004). At the same time, the PR activities are not concerned with a single department, so effective coordination is very important between the departments to attain the objectives effectively. The effective coordination will help to attain objectives of ABC Ltd. successfully. To facilitate control: Effective control is also very important for the organization to successfully attain business objective. Effective control will set a standard to accomplish the activities effectively to achieve organizational objective (Cavia & Huertas 2006). The proper control over PR activities would be effective for the business assignment help to determine competitive advantage and to achieve the PR plan objectives.

To establish and maintain effective collaboration: In order to attain the objectives of PR plan, organization will also have effective collaboration with suppliers as well as with supportive organizations to effectively satisfy the customer. It will ensure constant flow of the accessories and at the same time, it will also be able to increase its customer base. The effective collaboration will help to meet the customer requirement more effectively.

To provide technical assistance: Organization also has the option to provide technical assistant to the customers as well as its stakeholders in order to attain the objectives successfully. It will increase the trust among the suppliers as well as the other stakeholders to constantly provide its support to the organization (Ni 2006).

Propose regulation and recommendation: ABC Company also has option to propose the regulation and recommendation in respect of safe and secure use of the luxury cars. This will helps to increase goodwill in the market as well to increase customer base for the organization. At the same time, organization will also assist in developing a common agreed standard of driving sports car to attain the objectives.

Effective Media Selection

The selection of effective media is also very important for the organization to effectively attain the objectives. The selection of effective media can help organization to put their way effectively. The organization has several options to choose in order to attain the objectives effectively (Smith 2010). The company can effectively carry out their actions needed to attain the objectives successfully with the use of effective media. The electronic media as well as print media both will be effective to successfully keep their ways in front of its public. In order to establish coordination, the organization can use notice board, meetings to communicate effectively throughout organization (Gregory 2004). Other means of media that it can use are letter pad, newspapers, internet etc. to attain the objective successfully.

Timeline for PR activities

The timeline of these PR activities will discuss about the time duration of these activities in one calendar year. The timeline will determine the effectiveness of activities in terms of their time taken (Austin & Pinkleton 2001). The timeline will also discuss in brief about the starting and completion of each PR activity of the organization. Following is the timeline for the PR activities of ABC Ltd. PR Activities Starting date Closing date To conduct workshops 01/06/2011 31/07/2011 Social welfare activities 01/08/2011 30/09/2011 Charitable donation 01/10/2011 31/10/2011 Event sponsorship 01/11/2011 31/12/2011 Event sponsorship 01/01/2012 29/02/2012 Regular meeting 01/03/2012 31/03/2012 Factory tours 01/04/2012 31/05/2012

List of Happenings

• June- Able to provide better customer service through workshops • July- Will increase customer base for the organization • August- Educational camp will enhance goodwill of the organization in the market • September- Organizing blood donation camps may change mindset of people that big organizations are only meant for making money • October- Donation camp will enhance creditability of company in the market • November- It may also attract the attention of perspective buyers will to buy luxurious cars • December- The company would be known among the mass of people • January- The revenue of the company may likely to increase • February- The companies market share will increase and it would be having a good base of loyal customers • March- Regular meeting and feedback session will help organization to analyze the situation well and it would be able to concentrate its focus on improving the situation • April- Factory tour will enhance capabilities of its workers • May- It will be able to explore the capabilities of workers effectively to meet requirement of organization

Contingency Plan

Contingency plan refers the planning of additional or alternative plan in case of the failure of main plan or in case of its ineffectiveness. It is generally a tool to tackle the situation in case of crisis or anything same like that. The need of the contingency plan arises due to increase in failure of the activities for the organization (Henslowe 2003). In order to make the contingency plan for these PR activities, the key risk factors for the organization will be determined. The contingency plan will help organization to look for the alternative of its PR activities. In relation to PR activities of ABC Ltd, the contingency plan will aims at developing alternatives for the organization in case of these activities failure. Conducting of workshop may fail due to some reason in that case the organization may opt for alternatives like regular checkup of cars on daily basis (Grunig, Grunig & Toth 2007). Also, if it is not able to conduct social welfare activities, it can donate the amount in some government relief fund to help the society. In addition to this, the organization can set up a separate department to look after the activities of it public relation to meet the objectives successfully.

The above discussed PR plan would be very effective for the ABC Ltd. to establish a healthy relation with its stakeholder. In accordance with this, the plan would also help to satisfy better its target audience as well as the target market. Focusing on the high income segment of the customers to build relation will definitely increase the market share for the company. The effective use of media element like internet and television will help effectively to communicate the PR activities taken by the organization.

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