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Mind Map Assignment Help

For this business assignment help paper, triangle of satisfaction model has been selected to analyze the event of Oil Rig Explosion at Gulf of Mexico. There will be discussion of the event from three varying positions. Along with this, a mind map will be also created to show the analysis with the problem of Oil Spill. Analysis of Event There were three actors involved in the event of Oil Rig Explosion these are BP, the state of Louisiana and United States Federal Government.

 Analysis of this oil rig explosion with the help of Triangle of Satisfaction model is as follows: Procedural Need: According to this need, the way all three main actors talked about the catastrophic event will be discussed: BP: According to the Vice President of BP, the pollution is minor, as a large portion of oil and gas is burning (CNN Wire Staff, April 22, 2010). At the same time, he also said that condition could also alter if the fire is contained. It reflects that management of BP is also concerned about the consequences of this oil rig explosion that could turn out into worse conditions for further deepwater drilling by BP in the Gulf of Mexico. The state of Louisiana: As per the comments of the state of Louisiana, initially, there was no evidence of any leak or missing of people due to oil rig explosion. Later on, the officials told that there were damages in the form of missing people and injured crew members due to oil rig explosion.

It states that governing body is considering the effects of oil rig explosion. United States Federal Government: As per the officials of government, the response assets should be deployed to handle the pollution occurred in the water due to oil spill. It shows that government is proposing ways to handle the consequences resulted due to oil rig explosion. Emotional Need BP: According to the officials of BP, the company compensated for the injured and missing people. Along with this, BP also agreed for safety review of its process by showing its guilt over the massive explosion and death of 11 workers. It can be argued that BP is afraid of government actions due to its major role in oil rig explosion.

It is so, as before this catastrophic event, a deepwater horizon explosion also took place that was also occurred due to the negligence of BP. So, due to this, BP was ready to about 4.5$ billion to Gulf of Mexico as compensation and guilty (Jonsson, November 16, 2012). It can be said that death and loss of people in Gulf of Mexico is a serious event that can not be avoided with such kinds of compensations. The state of Louisiana: As per the comments of the state of Louisiana, the explosion is a catastrophic event that should be properly investigated (Explosion on Mariner Energy oil rig in Gulf of Mexico, September 3, 2010). United States Federal Government: The United States Federal Government had not taken any harsh step against BP regarding the oil rig explosion, as BP compensated for the loss to Gulf of Mexico. Substantive Need BP: According to BP, compensation had been given to the affected people.

It reflects that tangible aspects of decision making were considered by the company officials to deal with the explosion caused by oil spill in the water. For BP, the business aspects matter rather than welfare of people. The state of Louisiana: As per the comments of the state of Louisiana, the company had told that preventive measures had been taken by shutting down the production wells immediately after the fire broke out in the Gulf of Mexico (Sayre, February 9, 2010). It shows that state of Louisiana had investigated the event up to certain extent. United States Federal Government: According to United States Federal Government, if there is any pollution reported, the government would respond to it. So our case study analysis experts says that it considered intangible aspects of decision making for the actions to be taken regarding oil spill and its effects over environment.

Mind Map

The following mind map shows the viewpoint and responses of BP, Exxon Mobil and Chevron Corporation related to oil spill problem. Chart key: Oil Spill Problem = Red Organizations = Purple Viewpoints = Green Plans of actions = Orange