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Communication Tool to Obtain Employment

Email ID is a source of communication that one may use to obtain employment. Email id is an electronic communication

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tool that is used to transfer digital message through computer network. It is useful to transmit electronic message from sender to recipient. Through this, job seekers can send their bio-data to a large group of companies instantly. They can send their resumes to ID of several companies that can give more opportunities to obtain employment in different geographical locations.Also as per human resource case study assignment help experts, It is beneficial for the job seekers to save their time and efforts because they are able to communicate their academic and professional information to several employers within a few seconds (Krizan, Merrier, Logan & Williams, 2010) This helps the applicants to mail their data with faster processing.


These messages can be read by the recipients anytime and anywhere as per their convenience. Through this communication tool, job seekers can receive detailed description about the companies’ recruitment policies and regulations that support jobseekers to select desired employment. This communication tool is convenient for jobseeker to make effective communication with the employers that supports job seekers to identify appropriate job according to their job profile (Miller & Jentz,2010). Moreover our case study help experts said that, there may be one con for this source that this electronic communication has a problem of email privacy. There are several unethical hackers and unauthorized users, who can theft personal data from this source and misuse it. It is because email is distributed through data packets that have to be transferred from one computer system to another before reaching its destination. Along with this, mail messages are usually not encrypted that makes it easy for other to intercept and read them. During this transfer by router, these data can be lost that can be tempered by any unauthorized person (Greenberg, 2003).


Unethical hackers can easily interrupt mail and heck it without knowing of sender and recipient because some users don’t protect logins and passwords. This information can be used for wrong purpose by them. These messages via mail can be read by others on breaking of security or a software bug. Using this communication technology in obtaining employment can different security issues for the applicants, due to greater vulnerability to hackers or other individuals. These individuals must not be accessed this private information because of its modification and misconduct by them (Furnell & Dowland, 2010). Therefore our assignment help experts says that, sometimes, use of email id as a communication tool to obtain employment can be harmful for both employers and employees.


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