Five personality factors on negotiation Assignment Help

Five personality factors on negotiation Assignment Help Effect of Big Five personality factors on negotiation


For effective negotiation it is vital to have knowledge of your own personality as well as the knowledge of other party personality. Awareness of personality assists each other in convincing as a way they prefer and feel appropriate. Without identifying the personality of my interviewer, it was not possible for me to get the desired salary and conclude the negotiation with win-win situation. The Big Five personality factors 1.Openness 2.Conscientiousness 3.Extroversion 4.Agreeableness  and 5.Neuroticism or OCEAN are also significant in influencing negotiation as it helps an individual in identifying the traits or attributes that make up his/her overall personality. This in turn helps a lot in arriving at win-win situation through using basic traits of the specific personality to convince each other.


Being a dominating personality and conscientiousness, the strengths of my negotiation are to begin from the final benefits and then about the issues that in turn make a positive impact on other parties involved in negotiation. I always try to recommend ideas because of being organized, methodical, and thorough instead of presenting criticism. On the other hand weaknesses of my negotiation are lack of stability that sometimes is essential for others. Being dominating is not always effective as other people believe in facts, emotional stability, conceptions, and estimations.


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