HR Case Study Assignment Help

HR Case Study Assignment Help

Introduction Training is an imperative need for the firm to improve the skills and knowledge of the employees and ensure that all the employees are able to match the changing criteria of industry and company. This case study assignment help is related to the training of non-management employees within specific budget, so that they can serve customers in better way and provide satisfaction to them and improve their competency level. Under this, manager has to choose a most beneficial package for the team to train and improve their skills. Different criteria are also discussed that should be evaluated by the manager to select the best option of training of employees. Answer 1: Analysis of Fred’s Decision As per the given scenarios and situation, the decision of Fred to use the third vendor is quite appropriate rather than first two choices.

This approach is a proactive approach for the managers, as it is low cost and all the employees would get personal interaction with the coaches. Apart from this, for a hardware store, as per the training need analysis, employees should have idea to demonstrate the product to the customer in a way through which they can understand the nature and perception of the customers (Nick, 2008). If Fred chooses 1st options of three day workshop, it costs $35000 for 50 employees, but I this, the workers would not get personal training from the skilled and experienced tutors. Thus, they would not be able to work in a real environment. Although this is a cheap choice, but it is not fruitful to develop the skills and abilities of the employees to treat customers in a better way. Besides, 2nd option of 1 day seminar is also not good as, by attending seminar it would not possible for all 55 employees to gain practical and proactive approach (Phillips & Stone, 2002). Selection of third vendor is good, as in this training of sales of clerk, they would know about their job, customer orientation, their competencies level, etc.

The experts would help them to strengthen their skills and minimize weakness (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Write, 2009). They will become more committed and innovative to serve in a better way. Direct interaction with the experts, perception of the employees will develop to improve their competencies level by understanding the customers approach. It also enables them to improve their knowledge, attitude and polish the hidden talent (Bohlander & Snell, 2009). Answer 2: Fred’s Action before Choosing a Training Package Before selecting an appropriate training package, Fred should analyze several aspects, such as need of training, performance level of employees and performance of different institutes and vendors to provide training and its affect. In order to choose best training package, in the beginning, it is imperative for the manager to align the strategy of the company with the training and its need (Nick, 2008).

In order to align the training strategy with the current need and programs of the company, manager should conduct training need analysis. Under this, he should evaluate the key issues and approaches, that employee face to serve a customer. Apart from this, manager also evaluates the gaps among the performance of its own company’s employees and other’s company’s employees, so that he can understand the difference between the approaches to choose best alternatives (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Write, 2009). He should compare the advantages and disadvantages of all three options and vendor programs. In addition, manager should also cross check the references of different vendors to know the reliability and credibility of the claims made by these vendors. Apart from this, manage should also evaluate the strategies and training programs of the similar companies in the industry to implement more innovative course of training. Through the need analysis program, it would become possible for the manager to understand the training etiquette and evaluate the outsider approach of training to improve the learning skills and abilities of the members (Phillips & Stone, 2002; Bohlander & Snell, 2009). The main purpose of choosing a training program is to improve learning abilities of the employees, so that they are motivated to perform in an astonishing way.

Thus, apart from the evaluation of vendor’s credibility’s, it is also imperative for the manager to evaluate the learning, motivation and performance criteria through different programs (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Write, 2009). Manager should identify that which training vendor provides high learning extent and at what extent the employees improve their performance through different programs. Manager should develop table (as shown below) to compare the effectiveness of each option. Table 1: Comparison of three programs in the basis of learning, motivation and performance

Option: 3 day work shop 1 day Seminar 3 days Training Program
Learning 7 7 8
Motivation 7 6 8.5
Performance 7 5 8.5

(Ratings are assumed on the basis of 10 highest to 1 lowest) According to this, table, manager can analyze that 3 day training program would provide highest learning opportunities to the employees, as they will get real experience along with the theoretical concepts to handle expectations of customers and provide them superior experience (Nick, 2008). Moreover, he will also analyze that which program would motivate the candidate at high extent to work with zeal and enthusiasm, so that they can improve their productivity level and perform in an extra ordinary way (Bohlander & Snell, 2009). Answer 3: Extent of Success of Training Program If this training program went ahead, it would be very beneficial for the company to train non management employees and learn them management concepts to manage changing perception of customers and offer them quality services.

With the assistance of this training program, it would be easy for the manager to fill the performance gap of its non management employees and other company’s experts (Bohlander & Snell, 2009). The training need analysis, also evaluate the gap in the performance, roles and responsibilities as per the nature, etc. thus through this training program, it would be easy for the manager to define the job and task of the employees in an adequate manner. It would be successful at high extent as; employees would learn to take proactive approach to resolve the issue of customer’s as quick as possible and to serve them in a much better way to improve their own performance and productivity. It would facilitate them to develop their knowledge, skills and attitude as it is helpful to do KSA analysis (Nick, 2008).

By improving the performance, skills and attitude, they would work as a team with diversified people and the conflict will be low, thus, the productivity will be high and a positive and influential culture will develop in the firm, which support stress free environment to work with zeal (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Write, 2009). Conclusion Thus, as per the above discussion by our human resourse assignment help experts, it can be said that training programs should be based on the need analysis. Thus, before choosing a training program for a team or a large group of people, manager should evaluate the need and extent of training. The selection of training should base on gap of performances, skills and attitude of the employees, whether they are non management and management employees. A small training program is also advantageous for the company to improve the behavior, communication and working ways of the employees, to develop cooperative behavior and friendly environment to serve customers.

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