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HR Linking Model: A framework that is used to determine and depict the relationship between HR activities and strategy of organization can be defined as HR linking model (Bondarouk, Ru?l & Looise, 2011). With the help of this human resource assignment help model, Shire Pharmaceuticals is enabled to minimize the cost, while building the competencies among human as per the requirement of business strategy. HR linking model is described below on the basis of different categories:

 HR Linkage Model Assignment Help[/caption] Customer Perspective: HR linking model of Shire Pharmaceuticals enables the organization to create such capabilities that are perceived by its customers in context of human resources. The strategy of this company is mainly focused to provide quality services in less cost to its customers. For example: by linking strategy to the operations, organization is engaged to treat human resources as business partners that help to increases employee engagement and competencies. The employee engagement at workplace increases quality and quantity of their performance that ultimately serves the customer oriented strategic objectives (Swansburg & Swansburg, 2002). At the same time, organizational strength is also an important aspect for customers that are facilitated by obtaining right number of people at the right time.

In order to satisfy the customers, it is quite essential for pharmaceutical organization to provide quality in their products. By facilitating competent staff at the right time and place, this organization is enabled to create effective image among customers. The establishment of integrated technology infrastructure such as SAP is also facilitated for exchanging best practices among HR. It helps to improve and control their performance that drives organization to achieve customer associated objectives effectively. In order to understand the value that implemented in HR activities, customer support is used as a measure (Wong, 2010). Customer perception in regard to customer support services is accessed to analyze employee engagement and competitive capability.

Financial Perspective: The HR value that is created to facilitate strategic, operational and customer perspectives contributes a lot in the achievement of financial perspectives. There are two financial objectives in concern of human resource such as maximization of human capital and minimization of cost. The HR linkage model provides a framework through which Shire Pharmaceutical will enable to plan adequate and appropriate strategies and procedures for potential and existing human resources. It helps to maintain supply of human resource as per the requirements of organizational needs. The deliberate supply of human resource is quite helpful to maintain the operational efficiency and effectiveness among human resources (Armstrong, 2003). It enables Shire Pharmaceutical to provide the quality services. For example  given by our online assignment help experts: Shire Pharmaceutical’s HR linking model is also facilitated an effective floor for communication. Due to this, the given organization is enabled to analyze such HR training needs that are essential to achieve organizational strategy and objectives accordingly. With this, the organization will be able to identify and enhance HR skills, competencies and knowledge in the direction of integrated goals. It is effective to enhance human capital for achieving organizational objectives, while maintaining the cost (Swansburg & Swansburg, 2002). In order to measure financial perspective, Shire Pharmaceutical is engaged to make comparison between HR department cost and the value that is created by it within the specific time period.

Strategic Perspective: The strategic perceptive of the HR linking Model will help Shire Pharmaceuticals to improve the capability of organization through the strategic competencies that would focus and improve the talent of organization. The HR linking strategy describes the improvement in the culture of organization through which management can integrate its all operations to produce quality products (Hailey, Farndale & Truss, 2005). Therefore, the strategic perspective of linking model emphasizes on the overall development of employees by that Shire Pharmaceuticals could achieve the objectives that are defined in company’s HR Scorecard (Makhijani, Rajendran & Creelman, 2009). The perspective of strategy assignment help also facilitates the Pharma organization of know the cost per hiring, which help to justify the cost of its products. The higher quality of R&D staffs helps the organization to innovate the new product for fulfilling the needs and requirements of customers (Walker & Randall, 2001). On the other hand, the higher quality of operational staff helps to produce the quality products that could also add value in the product and to reduce the cost of hiring. This perspective of HR Linking Model shows the requirement of alignment related to the all operations that could be beneficial to improve the competency of employees at workplace.

Operation Perspective: The operation perspective of HR linking model is effective for Shire Pharmaceuticals because it is used by the management to measure the success of HR by measuring operational excellence. The operational perspective focuses the three areas of Shire Pharmaceuticals such as staffing, engineering, and HR procedures and proceedings (Hailey, Farndale & Truss, 2005). This perspective facilitates the HR management to select the best person for the respective operation by that organization can produce the quality products to satisfy the customers’ willingness for making huge profits for business. With the help of operation linking strategy, organization makes its significant HR procedures that decide how the work force would be used in the activities of parental organization and strategic business unit for making significant profits at organizational level along with the strategic business unit level (Wright, Snell & Jacobsen, 2003). These strategies satisfy the productive employees and encourage them for using their best efforts to produce competitive products to maintain the competency of organization with the help of HR Scorecard’ objectives. This perspective also focuses on the HR Scorecard’s dimension regarding the high-performance work system and also changes the working environment of the organization (Makhijani, Rajendran & Creelman, 2009). It makes several functions for completing the objectives of Shire’s HR management. References Armstrong, M. (2003). A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice (9th ed.). Great Britain: Kogan Page Publishers. Bondarouk, T., Ru?l, H. & Looise, J.C. (2011). Electronic HRM in Theory and Practice. UK: Emerald Group Publishing. Hailey, V.H., Farndale, E. & Truss, C. (2005). The HR department’s role in organizational performance. Human Resource Management Journal, 15(3), 49-66. Heneman, R.L. & Greenberger, D.B. (2002). Human resource management in virtual organizations. USA: IAP. Makhijani, N., Rajendran, K. & Creelman, J. (2009). Managing Human Capital in Indonesia. Pustaka Alvabet. Swansburg, R.C. & Swansburg, R.J. (2002). Introduction to Management and Leadership for Nurse Managers (3rd ed.). USA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Walker, G. & Randall, J. (2001). MacDonaldDesigning and implementing An HR scorecard. Human Resource Management, 40(4), 365–377. Wong, Z. (2010). Human Factors in Project Management: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques for Inspiring Teamwork and Motivation. USA: John Wiley and Sons. Wright, P.M., Snell, S.A. & Jacobsen, P.H. (2003). Current Approaches to HR Strategies: Inside-Out vs. Outside-In. Retrieves from Now get 24×7 Assignment help at USA/Canada Toll Free Phone: 1-877-839-9989 Australia Phone Number: +61-3-9088-1335 Email: