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HR Data Assignment Help: HR professionals in a company are responsible to gather, analyze as well as evaluate data regarding employees’

performance. Such data is quite important for organizations to take strategic decisions and HR professionals are engaged to offer it. As per human resource management assignment help experts, following are some example that depicts how HR professionals may misrepresent data for obtaining personal gain.

Example 1: Monterey Gain In current business organizations, HR professionals are responsible to offer such data to management on which it formulates strategies. Such internal data that is presented by HR professional to the management is quite crucial for creating competency and sustainability factor within the organization. It is because this data is required to protect organizational information from competitors and other personas as well. If any company offers monetary or other benefit to a HR professional for manipulating data of one of its competitors firm than this act may harm strategic capabilities. By using his/her power in organization, HR professional can manipulate data for personal gain. Due to this manipulated data, such organization does not enable to formulate appropriate strategy that would be beneficial for both HR professional and other competitor firms.

Example 2: Social Relationship The formulation of compensation report is also one of the important responsibility of an HR professional. He/she engaged to determine the capabilities of their employees and to set compensation and other benefits such as bonus, incentives etc. By manipulating and misrepresenting data, HR professional may provide benefits to those employees with whom he/she has a social relationship. For enhancing and protecting social relationship, an HR professional may exaggerate skills, performance, competency and other related aspects of those employees, who are more closed to his/her.

Example 3: Employee Harassment Currently, HR professionals are also responsible to present and evaluate performance data of employees in front of management. On the basis of such data, both HR professionals and management decide about which employees are to be offered promotional and other career opportunities within the organization. HR professional may harass some of employee by misrepresenting data about his/her performance. By offering promotion and other compensation related gluttony, HR professional may also pressurize one or more employee to act as per his/her desire. Due to this position, he/she enables to represent fake data of employee-related skills, competencies etc.

Example 4: Fund Allocation A HR professional is also responsible to offer a report about the gap between current and require skills, competencies, knowledge of employees, and funds that is required to fill it. For filling this gap, management of an organization frequently asks to HR professional about the expense of training and development. The data in regard to employees’ skill, competencies and knowledge may be manipulated by HR professionals for making money accordingly. He/she may represent that there are several lacking in workforce for which huge funds are required. On the behalf of training and development fund, he/she may gain personal monetary benefit. You can also avail HR case study assignment help from our experts. Thus, HR professional might misrepresent the data in different ways for obtaining monetary and non-monetary gains.

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