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Selection and Hiring Process Ways to Shorten Selection and Hiring Process

Selection and hiring are the two terms that generally use by organizations at the time of execution of new plan or future business expansion. It is adopted by both types of organization, small and big and differs accordingly. In large scale organizations, selection and hiring process takes more time and efforts (Stahl, 2003). As per HR business assignment help experts In today’s competitive world employee hiring and selection process should be shorten, so that big organization spend more time in fulfillment of customers’ needs.

Shorten the time can be a smart aspect to get the process fast and good. In concern of this aspect, big organizations should go for a continue hiring process (Price, 2007). In this process organizations shouldn’t stop hiring process with targets but go-on with the search of qualified person that can be profitable for organization in future (Gates, 2005). Similarly, technological assessment can help to shorten the selection process. With the help of some informational sources organization can observe the skill of employees easily (Sison, 2000). For instance, this way also helps Wal-Mart to shorten the period of hiring to selection. On the other hand, an organization should have proactive in nature like due to Wipro’s reactive nature in some small cities the selection processes got spoil (US Congress, 2010).

So, proactive nature gives advance talent to hire human resource in minimum time. In concern to shorten hiring and selection process an organization should bring a properly scheduled training program (Gates & Paul, 2004). Such training program can improve the accountability of very big organization like federal government. Generally, such kind of organizations takes a long route of hiring with the thought of best selection. But, that’s not work always, long process sow the moral of candidates (DIANE Publishing Company, 2004). So, proper training program access leaders with their individual quality to interview individual with every skill and quality bases.   References DIANE Publishing Company. (2004). Federal Hiring: Reconciling Managerial Flexibility With Veterans’ Preference. USA: DIANE Publishing. Gates, S.M. & Paul, C. (2004). National Defense Research Institute. Intern Programs As a Human Resources Management Tool for the Department of Defense. USA: Rand Corporation Price, A. (2007). Human Resource Management in a Business Context. UK: Cengage Learning EMEA. Sison, P.S. (2000). Personnel and Human Resources Management. Rex Bookstore, Inc. Stahl, M.J. (2003). Encyclopedia of Health Care Management. USA: SAGE. US Congress. (2010). Congressional Record. Government Printing Office. Get 100% original and quality business and  HR case study assignment help services from our experts. We assure you that you will get complete assignment help within the deadline and our experts  have 15 years experience of proving assignment help to US,UK and Australia students.