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 Intellectual Virtues Business Assignment Help Intellectual Virtues

Virtue refers to the positive trait deemed to be morally good and valued as a foundation of principle and good moral

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being. Intellectual virtues are understanding, science and wisdom. Knowledge is the habitual principle of primary self evident truths that stretched out at the root of all knowledge (Young, 2012). According to the business assignment help experts Similarly, science is related to the habit of conclusions that is drawn through the demonstration of first principles. Habitual knowledge is presented in the particular science. In addition of this, wisdom is related to the having knowledge at higher priorities and causes. It also refers to the organized knowledge of all principles and conclusions in the truth that is called as philosophy (Battaly, 2011).


Corresponding vice for these virtues are intellectual pretentiousness or conceit, Intellectual rashness-acceptance of any new idea and poor judgment. These are opposite of the virtues and work in a negative manner. The main difference between knowledge and its corresponding vice as intellectual pretentiousness is related to the ignorance of truths (Marcum, 2012). It is because knowledge refers to the perception of individuals that is followed for acting towards the truth while intellectual pretentiousness is related with the acting negatively towards the truths due to having limited awareness or facts (Morton, 2012). For example, truths refer that to solve the problem related to the customers’ complaints, customers’ feedbacks and survey help the firm that is used by the individuals as per the knowledge. While intellectual pretentiousness prohibits the use of such tools for solving the customers problems and try to find out new ways (Young, 2012).


Similarly, the difference between science and its corresponding vice as Intellectual rashness to accept of any new idea is related to the acceptance of the new thoughts or invention in knowledge field. It is because science refers to the conclusion of the knowledge that invent new ways to solve any problem while corresponding vice as intellectual rashness ignores the acceptance of new ideas or working in different ways to solve any problem (Battaly, 2011). It supports the traditional way to act towards any problem. For example, use of scientific tools and practices to run the firm refers to the use of such virtue and use of traditional approach refers to the application of the corresponding virtue (Marcum, 2012). In addition to this, the difference between wisdom and poor judgment is related to the use of knowledge and application of the science into positive direction. Wisdom prefers to the use of knowledge and principles effectively to accept or ignore the truth to solve any problem or live life in the world. It is because wisdom supports to the taking effective and efficient judgment over any problem through using analytical tools while corresponding vice of this, do not take scientific judgment to solve any problem or act over any situation (Morton, 2012). For example, while solving the problem in the workplace related to the implementation of change, leaders use participative techniques that ensure to the effective development and implementation of the changes effected that refers to the use of wisdom virtue. Contrary this, wasting time to search for appropriate tool to implement change shows to the corresponding vice of wisdom (Battaly, 2011).


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