Negotiation Plan Assignment Help

Negotiation Plan Assignment Help

To: Senior Vice President

From: Instructor Subject: Negotiation Process (Nippon Automobile Corporation)

Issues & Bargaining Mix: As per negotiation business assignment help experts, In upcoming negotiation, there may be different issues related to culture, negotiation style, set objectives, strategic plan, outcomes of each negotiation session, etc. There may be difficulty in knowing interests, concerns and needs of the other party. Company can bargain on number of ships and seaports with inclusion of price range.

Interests: The main interest of Nippon Automobile Corporation (NAC)Company is to obtain a reputed company in market that can provide it ocean transportation facilities for exporting its vehicles. Its objective to sell and distribute its vehicles in another market can be achieved through finding a transportation company. In this concern, USSL may be desired company that can transport vehicles of NAC through its effective ocean transport services.

Targets & Asking Price: In this concern, number of RoRo ships in USSL Company should be at most four to ship vehicles of NAC. Destination seaports of US Shipping Lines, Inc. (USSL) should be at least three. USSL should provide supportive services in limited number. The shipping cost can be within range of $40-$60 per cubic meter bur it should be at minimum point. NAC would resist on these conditions but some alternatives may be related to number of RoRo ships and destination seaports. After considering these conditions by USSL, NAC can negotiate on slightly higher price for this agreement (Brett, 2007).

Constituents: Constituents are instructor and other senior level employees. Each should have patience during the negotiation process. After providing all information, queries should be solved by the group representative. Apart from this, there is need to consider loyalty in a group and everyone will have to work collectively. No one should think individually, all members should work collectively to achieve objectives of this negotiation process (Kennedy, 2007).

Opposing Negotiators: Opposing negotiators will be members of USSL Company involved in this negotiation process. They want to negotiate higher volume agreement including high end of price range.

Negotiation Strategy: Japanese culture is community oriented culture that includesculturally based negotiation style. It focuses on interrelationship among the members of the team that is based on trust and belief on each other. Team members should behave in culturally based negotiation style with USSL representatives. Body language and status of the person are other important concerns that should be considered in negotiation process (Kennedy, 2007).

Protocol: In this, guidelines should be discussed with all members of group and a behavior should be developed in order to achieve set objectives of the negotiation. Some behavior indications such as facial gazing, saying no, etc. should be avoided while facing USSL members. There is need to collect as much as information about other company. Team members should not provide the information about their company and products. NAC members don’t express their feelings in terms of joy or disagreement. There is no need to express disagreement on any decision or issue. Members should not use Machiavellian bargaining tactics such as threats, bluffs and getting bigger demands as these should be avoided during the negotiation process (Brett, 2007).

References Brett, J. M. (2007). Negotiating Globally: How to Negotiate Deals, Resolve Disputes, and Make Decisions across Cultural Boundaries. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Garrett, G. A. (2005). Contract Negotiations: Skills, Tools, and Best Practices. USA: CCH Incorporated. Kennedy, G. (2007). Strategic Negotiation. Gower Publishing, Ltd.   Get 100% original and quality business and  transporting vehicles study assignment help services from our experts. We assure you that you will get complete assignment help within the deadline and our experts  have 15 years experience of proving assignment help to US,UK and Australia students.