Case Study Assignment Help on Consumer Safety Law

Case Study Assignment Help on Consumer Safety Law The circumstances behind Product Recalls

A product recall is related to the efforts to limit the liability for corporate negligence along with avoiding damage to publicity. It is conducted for ensuring the safety or for discovering the product defect. In the competitive marketplace, various factors are responsible for product recall (Foerster, Pahl & Foerster, 2011). In this Consumer Safety Law Case Study Assignment Help Consumer Product Safety Commission circumstances behind recent product recall are identified. In this, product recall for Mervin Manufacturing, Nourison and Lea Industries are identified because of ignoring various aspects of these firms those may be harmful for the consumers and users (Mervin Manufacturing Recall, 2013). In this, Mervin Manufacturing which manufactures GNU Snowboard Bindings for youth, men and women and faced problems with the products. It is because the bindings attach to the snowboard with screws, and to the snowboard boot with straps with buckles that was loose and being the reason of breaking the straps. It may cause of injury among the user so, the safety of the users was on aim (Mervin Manufacturing Recall, 2013). Another product recall is related to Nourison that produces Area Rugs for the customers. Customers those use products of the firm faced hazardous problems from fire as the firm did not meet with the federal flammability standards and did not pay attention over such aspect while producing the products (Nourison Recalls, 2013). Product recall is also faced by Lea Industries as it produces Lea Panel, Loft and Bunk Beds. The firm ignored the product design and support that poses risks for the customers as bed’s side mattress support rails that can be broken and may be a reason of hazard. Ignorance of the consumer safety by the firms refers to the reason of product recall (Lea Industries Recalls, 2013).


Sharing of Responsibilities From the case of Nourison, it is found that responsibilities should be shared between manufacturers, retailers and consumers for the safe use of Area Rugs. It is because through sharing the responsibilities, the chances of problems related to the safety of customers can be reduced (Nourison Recalls, 2013). Sharing of the responsibilities would clear the duties of each person who is involved in the production and use of the product. In this, manufacturers should produce the products those should meet with the federal flammability standards to reduce the chances of a fire hazard situation. Through fulfilling this responsibility first step towards customer safety can be ensured (Foerster, Pahl & Foerster, 2011). As per business assignment help experts, retailers should develop and make the clear knowledge of the users towards the use and precautions while using products. It would also reduce the chances of problems. At last, through fulfilling the responsibilities towards keeping distance of the products from flammable things, consumers can use products without having any fear of danger. So, through this, it is clear that sharing of responsibilities towards individual roles and duties would ensure the safe use of the product and reduce the chances of failure of the products (Nourison Recalls, 2013).


Product Testing It is seen that some product safety problems may not become evident for many years after a product is introduced but these may be harmful to the users in terms of showing their bad impact after long time. So, the product should be tested effectively before released in the market for sale. For this, material those are included in the production should be tested effectively as they are meeting with the health and safety standards or not (British Retail Consortium, 2003). Additionally, through conducting systematic process of product testing, harmful contents of the product can be identified. In this, raw material testing and finished goods testing in an effective and certain circumstances, it can be tested. Similarly, without cheating rules and regulation and standards those are made by the government should be followed to reduce the chances of safety problems (Voluntary Standards, 2013).    


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