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Property Management Assignment Help Issues and Goals of Two Parties

In the given situation, one of the issues from the side of property manager is related to the facilities. According to the George, the company does not provide facilities as per the given contract. George also has the issue related to the cleaning of the outside of the cooling tower that impact on the equipment performance. On the other hand our business assignment help experts says that, sales representative also have the issues with George in terms of irrelevant issues related to the services that company provides. In the given situation, issues are also related to the cleaning of cooling tower. As the contract of Water Treatment Service Company, organization is only responsible for the cleaning of water inside of the tower and the cleaning of the outside of tower is a preventative maintenance issue. In the given situation, the goal of the George is related to the effective maintenance of building and provides clean water to the building. In addition, the goal of George is also related to the making of immediate impact of personality on the organization and demonstrating his value to the company. On the other hand, the goals of the sales representative are related to the developing an effective image of the company in the mind of property manager. The goal of sales representative is also related to provide a clear understanding of services of the company. The goals of George affect his approach to the negotiation in terms of increase in conflicts between these two parties. George wants to demonstrate his value to the company through immediate actions that can lead the negotiation process on a wrong direction that impact on both the parties.

Strategy for Sales Representative In order to create effective negotiation and to achieve goals, sales representative will improve his negotiation skills that would be helpful in dealing with the property manager in significant way. To achieve goals, sales representative will also follow objective criteria strategy. In this strategy, sales representative would create effective communication with the property manager and describe all the functions and actions to him that can help sales representative to develop the understanding of manager about the company and its work (Guasco & Robinson, 2007). This will also be helpful for the representative to achieve the objectives of negotiation as well as goals.

Manageable and Unmanageable Questions Manageable Questions:

  1. What do you want in water treatment services from our company?
  2. What are your future plan for the property and its cleaning?
  3. How we can contribute in the better management of building?

Unmanageable Questions:

  1. Don’t you think that many of the points are not relevant to the proposal?
  2. You wouldn’t see the water treatment programs only affect the water inside of the tower, would you?
  3. Don’t you think we have spent enough time to discuss all your points about maintenance?

These questions will be helpful for the sales representative to make negotiation more effective with the George. With the help of these questions, both the parties will make effective conclusion of the meeting.

Questions for Constructive Way

  1. What are the alternatives to make effective response of your needs and demands?
  2. How we can reduce the gap between two parties related to the contract?

Use of language to Turn Negotiation into Conflict In the negotiation process, language plays an important role. Through the use of soft language in the negotiation process, negotiation parties get benefited and receive effective consideration in the contract. It is identified that hard language can also create negative impact on the mind of the negotiation parties and turn negotiation into conflicts. Use of hard language does not communicate the goals and objectives of negotiation process that can impact on both the parties to establish effective negotiation. In the same manner, use of soft language and communication can also turn conflicts into effective negotiation between parties. With the help of effective language, the conflicting party can change his mind and can be able to create effective relationship with the other parties of the negotiation process (Rivers, Duncan & Besag, 2007). This can lead both the parties to establish an effective and supportive negotiation process in the company. In order to make effective use of communication, manager should develop the understanding about the use of different languages in the negotiation process. For this, manager should take the training and development session or classes outside of the company. This can support manager to improve his understanding about the different languages and their use in the negotiation process. Through taking communication classes, manager can also improve his communication pattern to establish supportive relationship with the other parties or departments (Starkey, Boyer & Wilkenfeld, 2010).   References Guasco, M. & Robinson, P. (2007). Principles of Negotiation: Strategies, Tactics, Techniques to Reach Agreement. USA: Entrepreneur Press. Rivers, I., Duncan, N. & Besag, V. E. (2007). Bullying: A Handbook for Educators and Parents. UK: Greenwood Publishing Group. Starkey, B., Boyer, M. A. & Wilkenfeld, J. (2010). International Negotiation in a Complex World. UK: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. Get 100% original and quality business and   mini case study assignment help services from our experts. We assure you that you will get complete assignment help within the deadline and our experts  have 15 years experience of proving assignment help to US,UK and Australia students.