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Get Human Resource Assignment Help on what is Human Resources planning? How does the HR planning process facilitate the achievement of an organization’s strategic objectives? Use examples pulled from an organization with which you are familiar.

Human Resources Planning Assignment Help Paper: HR planning is a process to identify the human resources requirements of an organization for achieving its goals. It serves as a link between overall strategies plan and HR management of an organization (Gatewood, Field & Barrick, 2010). For example, in context of aging worker population and the demands of qualified workers in growing economies, the importance of HR planning increases because it helps to find-out the productive employees and to remain for the functioning of future activities (Bolman & Deal, 2011). Therefore, the HR planning incorporates the energy of employees, time, competencies, capabilities and operational knowledge to make effective action plan.

The HR planning helps to make significant planning to improve the productivity of employees by that organization would be able to gain higher revenue. So, HR planning derives the success of corporate. It could be justified with the help of HR planning process of Wal-Mart. Due to increment in the demands of cheaper products; it expanded its business in a new market that requires HR planning (LI, Y. (2011). The HR management of Wal-Mart uses “associates” words from top management down to the clerks that give great liberty to all related employees for motivating them towards organizational objectives. The planning process facilitates all associates inside the organization to continuously communicate with employees for making significant coordination regarding the performance and productivity (Rothwell, 2010). Hence our assignment helper says that, the HR planning of Wal-Mart is efficient as it works as incentives to provide a strong safeguard for human resources to achieve its growth. The HR planning process facilitates the organization to provide high wages and other benefits for all associates that is helpful to improve employees’ satisfaction to produce quality products for gaining advantages in market (Sims, 2002). It is helpful for Wal-Mart to complete business expansion objectives.

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