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What are some communication channels commonly used in your organization?

What are some of the common interferences that result in “noise”?

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Communication Channels There are several communication channels that make effective communication among two or more persons. These communication channels may be oral or written with words of symbols. Some of these communication channels are used commonly in the organization to exchange the information within it. These communication channels navigate the organizational culture. In today’s organizational environment, most commonly used communication channel is e-mail (Pedersen Miloch & Laucella, 2007).

It is specially used at workplace to become more practical that is quite helpful for workers in sharing information and ideas to other. It is essential for all the employees that they regularly check their inbox to prevent the loss of important information. They can also respond to them, who want to receive or send some other information. At the same time our assignment help experts says that, social network is another important communication channel that is mostly used by the organization. Now days, social network has become a new trend at the workplace. It is generally used to analyze the profiles of potential employees and to promote the business as well as to enhance the interaction among the organizational employees (Schermerhorn & Schermerhorn, 2011). Social network is helpful to build strong relationship with employees as well as others, because it provides a way to learn more from potential and current employees.

Along with this, face to face communication is an important way by which organizations communicate directly to the employees. It is quite significant for employers to get immediate feedbacks from the employees. It is also a cheapest & easy communication that is done through voice, eye contact and body language of the people. In addition, telephone is another important communication channel that is significant medium of immediate exchanges of information and for supervising progress (Winters, 2012). It can also save travelling time of the organization, if it is working with a team. It does not require the presence of the people to each other, but they can communicate each other at anytime and anywhere.

Common Interferences Result in Noise:: Communication is the exchange of ideas and thought that may have several interferences while communicating to someone. Some of these interferences are included that have a great impact to make effective communication channel. Audio is a serious and common interference that affects communication of two persons, audio creates some problems to get right information that another one wants to send (audio-technica, 2012). In addition, electric interference also creates problem to send actual message and it can delay in delivery of the message. These types of interferences are resulted due to ineffective energy supply and technical problems. At the same time, electric problem is another interference that creates unwanted voices during the communication. Some technical problems also create noise in communication that works with the electricity (Pedersen, Miloch & Laucella, 2007). Technical problems may be related to the equipments that are causing electric interference. These interferences affect personal information of the employees and employers due to noise. They are the result of a defect, failure in the maintenance of the equipment. Generally, social networks and e-mail are affected by these interferences due to use of energy.

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