Importance of Marketing for Business Success Assignment

Marketing plays an important role in building the sound position in the competitive market. Further, organizations are also able to build competitive advantage through effective marketing strategy. In this marketing assignment help paper, importance of marketing for the business success has been discussed.


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Significance of Marketing: In today’s competitive environment, business success is majorly dependent on the type of marketing. Most of the aspects and operations of the business are based on the successful marketing. Marketing covers different components such as public relations, advertising, personal selling and sales promotion. In addition to this our assignment help experts says that, marketing is the process through which, business firms introduce and promote the product and services to the potential customers. Without marketing, business firms can offer the products within its industry; they cannot sell it to the potential buyers in other countries and industries.


Therefore, it is important for the business firms to make effective strategies for marketing of products. Due to high competition in 21st century, business firms have to do marketing in order to generate awareness among customers about their products and services. Marketing is used in order to make communication with the customers to attract them for the product and services. Further, company is also focused towards increasing the sales through effective marketing strategies. It is important for the organizations to adopt marketing strategy, which is helpful in giving competition to the rivalry firms. In addition to this, it has been analyzed that marketing is vital for the prosperity of the business organizations. Marketing can be done through both wireless means of advertising, electronic media and print media. Moreover, organizations have to adopt advertising strategies according to its product and services.


For example, Coca-Cola target the global customers, thus, it made advertisements and promoting statement by considering their target market of different age groups. On the other hand, Gerber Company produces the infant-specific products, thus it advertise the product to take attention of mothers and fathers. In addition to this, financial success of the company also depends on the combined efforts of the financial strategies and marketing efforts. In addition, marketing is also useful in capturing the large part of market share in international as well as national market. Business cannot survive without the marketing of product and services, as marketing create awareness among consumers about the features of products. Thus, it is necessary for every business firm to adopt marketing in the 21st century.


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