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Leadership theories can be divided into different parts that include traits, behavioral, contingency and integrative theories. These theories help a leader to identify the leadership style and to create effective and successful leadership within the organization. According to the assignment help experts, traits of a leader, the leadership trait theory and behavioral leadership theory are the main important theories that are important for the leader’s success. The leadership trait theory defines the different characteristics that are essential for the leadership success and effectiveness. This leadership theory includes physical and psychological traits or quality of a leader such as high energy level, appearance, aggressiveness, self reliance, persuasiveness and dominance, etc. All these help a leader to become successful in the organization.


This leadership theory also promotes employees to become a leader in the organization. It is because, through these leadership traits, company can also improve their personality and intelligence that supports them to improve their leadership skills and knowledge. On the other hand, the behavioral leadership theory identifies the difference in the behavior of effective leaders and ineffective leaders. The behavioral leadership theory also focuses on the unique style of leadership and defines the nature of the work. This theory also helps the leader to evaluate his or her behavior in the organization and improve the behavior in order to attract and influence employees and followers in the organization towards the work.


According to this theory, the behavior of a leader based on the traits and skills and this impact the behavior and relationship with employees of a leader. Thus, as per the leadership traits and theories, leaders should have some unique skills and capabilities to manage diversified nature of followers and ensure that all the followers are working properly and utilizing the resources, following guideline and rules of the firm effectively. Get Leadership Theories Assignment Help with Assignmenthelpexperts.com Assignmenthelpexperts.com is the one of the best experienced site where you can business assignment help of all subjects. Our assignment writers are experienced task composing specialists and can do short due date task of business MBA assignment help on all topics… Our online business task help specialists are accessible 24×7 for comprehending task for US, UK and Australian understudies. You can email us your any task questions at info@www.assignmenthelpexperts.com


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