Industrial Security Responsibilities Assignment Help

Industrial Security Responsibilities Assignment Help Introduction

Security is an important issue that can be addressed by the industrial organization in order to provide security to their clients. It is a responsibility of organizations to effectively address the industrial security to increase the organizations’ productivity and make them loyal towards the organizations that are worked in the field of industry security. This business assignment help paper explains the responsibilities of industrial security organizations that must be addressed. In addition, this paper also discusses the cause and effects of industrial losses.

Responsibilities of Organizations In the industrial security, it is a responsibility of organizations to address the security of clients’ in effective way. In this, organization must ensure the security of documents and make them confidential in the market and within the Business organizations. In order to insure the security of client organizations, industrial security organization should establish some rules and regulations that can insure the safety and security of industrial documents of client organizations. For this, company can also use new and advance technology and implement some equipment that can support the organization in creating security.

Apart from this, industrial security organizations also have the responsibility that must be addressed related to the computer and data base security. In today’s competitive environment, the use of computer and technology is increasing that increases the responsibilities of security provider organization. In order to prevent any thief, industrial security organization should effectively address the issue. In this, organization can use security provider software and hardware (Jones, 2008). Moreover, health and safety is also an important issue that must be address by the industrial security organizations for their client organizations.

It is a responsibility of industrial security organizations to establish safety and security equipments in the client organizations in order to ensure the safety and security of employees. In this, it is also a responsibility of them to provide guidelines to the client organizations to prevent any accident or critical injuries. In addition to this, Industrial security organizations also have responsibility to provide basic infrastructure of security for the client organizations that ensure the security of client organization. Industrial security organization also has the responsibility to secure data and information of clients on internet and provide security from thief or loss (Siljander, 2008). There are also some responsibilities that must be addressed by industrial security organizations. These responsibilities include providing safe and secure environment, provide training related to the security and protection from external threats and publish guidelines to develop the clients’ organizations security departments. Companies also have the responsibilities that must be addressed such as, to provide effective and supportive security functions in the client organizations. To ensure the security of client organization, industrial security organization should create supportive security functions that can ensure the safety and security of employees and management in significant manner (Fischer, Halibozek & Walters, 2008).

Causes and Effects of Industrial Loss There are various causes and their effects of industrial losses related to industrial security. If an organization has not supportive and supportive relationship with the industrial security organization, it creates problem for the company. It may generate a reason to theft the important data and information from the organization. It may create problem for the client organization and also influence the operations of the client organization in the market. Loss of confidential data may also generate problem for the organization in manner of loss of share value in the market as well as goodwill (Sennewald & Christman, 2008).

Industrial security also has cause and effect in terms of reducing trust of employees on the organization. Lack of security in the organization also influences the mind of employees and reduces the credibility. It impacts on the productivity and efficiency of the employees and directly influences the organizations’ productivity and performance in the market. This also impacts on the trust of stakeholders on the organization. Reduction or lack of security also creates problems for the organization in manner of reduction in profitability in the market. It is because unsecure information system leaks the important data and information to the people that result in loss of prestige of the organization in the market and influence the profitability and market position (Nemeth, 2004). In addition to this assignment help, an organization also losses its customer base because of lack of security.

It is identified that improper security and safety procedures are not able to provide security for customer information that creates problems for the organization to maintain customer base in significant manner. Conclusion Thus, from the above discussion, it can be concluded by our case study help experts that organizations, those work in industrial security field have the responsibilities to provide full security treatment to the client organization in order to secure the important data and information. Lack of security may create problems in manner of reduction in market share, customer base and loss of confidential data and information.   References Fischer, R., Halibozek, E. & Walters, D. (2008). Introduction to Security. UK: Butterworth-Heinemann. Jones, T. J. A. (2008). Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Nemeth, C. (2004). Private Security and the Law. UK: Butterworth-Heinemann. Sennewald, C. A. & Christman, J. H. (2008). Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention: An Encyclopedic Reference. UK: Butterworth-Heinemann. Siljander, R. P. (2008). Introduction to Business and Industrial Security and Loss Control: A Primer for Business, Private Security, and Law Enforcement. USA: Charles C Thomas Publisher.