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Intel Multinational Corporation Globalization Assignment Help Changing Technology and Globalization

Intel is the American multinational semiconductor chip maker corporation that is founded in 1968 by Gordon Moore and Robert


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Noyce. It has established very vast and competitive network till today. Its technological advancement made it different form all the competitors among IT sector. Emerging needs of consumers for innovative technology created a path for Intel to reach at successful position among the world (Intel, 2013). Today, Intel is a famous brand of IT processers with whom, every computer technology corporation want to work. Early, people only works on command program (Dos) but with the emerging need of technology results drastic change as portable devices has been appeared. According to the  Intel Globalization case study Assignment Help tutor, globalization is a helping aspect for Intel to expand its network from local to multinational. Falling in trade and investment barriers was the result of globalization that develop direct path for every local organization to become global. Intel developed transportation and communication towards the local and international customers. Through globalization, whole world become a small village, where people can do business easily with simple legislations (Russ-Mohl, 2010). Due to this, today Intel becomes a multinational and best IT processor provider among the whole world.


Intel’s Corporate Social Responsibility Being a multinational organization, Intel has been developed effective CSR for maintaining competitive position in market. Also, it does not only believe in effective CSR development but also taking corrective actions among CSR year by year. Its vision “Care for our people and our planet, and inspire the next generation.” is the straight devotion of CSR. It achieves the belief of taking care for people by investing a huge amount of money and time to motivate employees toward innovations. It has owned one of the place in the list of ‘100 Fortune Magazine’s for the title of best place to work and in the list of ’20 Best Companies for Leadership’ as well. Along with this, it is recognized for standard occupational safety and health management system (Intel, 2010). Intel provides workplace safety to employees and also gives facilities to their families to live healthy and fearless life. Such activities denote both human rights and labor conditions into Intel. Similarly our Intel business assignment help experts says that, Intel includes smart working technique to access environmental safety by conserving resources, recycling and reusing material. In terms of environment safety, it also represent processor Intel® Core™ in 2010, which includes 25% lower average power consumption with 20% to 70% greater performance than previous processor Intel (Business, 2013). It is maintaining a fair and legal attitude towards partners and suppliers for making CSR more competitive (Intel, 2010).


Recommendations for Positive Globalization A multinational organization can offer the opportunity to provide stakes to small organizations. Through this effort, MNC’s can mitigate impact of globalization on global economy. Along with this, the opportunity to incapable people for seeking job can be another factor to lessen the negative impact of globalization (Griffin & Moorhead, 2011). Development of easy and common legislation for trade and investment can help MNC’s to remove conflict between countries and make globalization a positive development for global economy. References Griffin, R.W. & Moorhead, G. (2011). Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations. USA: Cengage Learning Intel Business. (2013). Intel® in the Environment. Retrieved from Intel. (2010). 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report. Retrieved from Intel. (2013). About us. Retrieved from Russ-Mohl, S. (2010). Apple iPad Hype. Retrieved from Now you can get any time business and business case study assignment Help of all topics. Our assignment helper are experienced assignment writing experts and can do short deadline assignment. You can e-mail or speak with us for assignment help at