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Leadership is the activity of individual to lead and guide the group of people and the organization. Leaders should have to certain skills such as clear vision, providing information, knowledge and methods to realize the vision and coordinating the conflicting interest of the all the members in order to perform the task of leadership in effective manner. In this leadership business assignment help, various theories of leadership and suitable theory for the company has been identified.


Types of Leadership Theories Leaders within the organization have to adopt different leadership theories in order to manage the team members. According to the leadership theories, leaders behave with their followers. There are different types of leadership theories such as traditional, contemporary and emerging. In the traditional leadership theory, leader holds all the power of taking decisions. In this theory, leader is unable to manage all the tasks, role and responsibilities. In the today’s competitive environment, leaders have to delegate the authorities in order to perform the task effectively. Moreover, traditional leaders also promote the employees on the basis of favoritism, not on the basis of skills and knowledge. At the same time our business leadership case study assignment help experts said that, contemporary theories are focused on significance of situational factors such as stress level, job structure and leader’s intelligence. This theory is basically focused towards handling the changing external market conditions. Some of the emerging leadership theories such as adaptive, authentic and appreciative will be helpful for the leaders in order to handle the team members.


Leaders can also use the interpersonal form of power such as utility power, coercive power and principle based power. In the coercive power, leader give orders to their followers and followers have to perform accordingly. In case of utility power, leader provide other benefits to the followers and in principle based power, followers have to perform according to the leader. For example, Steve Jobs is the leader and CEO of Apple. He has developed various innovative and creative ideas for the company. It has been identified that, companies have to recruit the leaders like Steve Jobs in order to sustain in the competitive market and also give tough competition to rivalry firms. He has the ability to explore the various external market opportunities and also develop innovative products for the customers. Further, he has principle based power, in which his team members follow the Steve Jobs actions and provide efficient services to the customers. Therefore, Apple has to recruit the leaders, who have characteristics such as goal oriented, competency, proper communication skills, effective interpersonal skills, inspiration and good listener. All these characteristics will be helpful in improving the overall performance of the organization. It has been identified that role of the managers is getting things done through the efforts of other. Manager provides the vision and mission of the company, whereas leader provides the appropriate path of achieving those mission and vision.


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