International Business Assignment Help

International Business Assignment Help

In this international business assignment help, we have explained the companies who had seemingly solid contracts to conduct businesses in a country have had their contract obligations seemingly reworked in order to give more favorable terms to the host country.How companies need to structure deals to minimize these types of surprises and in this international business assignment explained that how a management team can do to minimize these risks.


In the international business market, the companies have to make some effective and strong contracts that can avoid the risks for the organization. These international business contracts assignment help must attract the investors and companies to reserve the funds. There are some incidents were found that require to rework on a contract such as joint pipeline venture between Russia and Chevron, Kuwait pulled out of a financing deal with Dow Chemical to purchase a specialty chemical company and Venezuela attempted to nationalize the oil industry, which includes US companies.


These types of financial surprises can be minimized by managing the risks. At the same time in the international business assignment help, the investors of these incidents should manage the risk that can help to reduce these types of financial surprises (International Financial Management). The companies require public audit in their structure that may reduce their risks. The management of the companies should use the financial audits that provide the reliable information to the companies and their investors.


This reliable information increases the market efficiency and reduces the number of financial surprises. The management can minimize the risk of the companies by reworking the contracts. Russia reworked on the pipe line joint venture to preserve some rules and regulation over joint ventures. This rework on contract will be helpful to control the companies and to swindle out of their money and resources. The government of Russia needs to eliminate such refineries that are not connected with main pipeline because it will increase the efficiency rate of Russia. Get help with Business  Assignment Help for better grades. In addition, Kuwait government decided to pull out of a financing deal with Dow Chemical to purchase a specialty chemical company.


This decision is taken by Kuwait government due to increase in the effects of the worldwide financial crisis and descending oil prices. For this, the management of the company should use the cost-cutting strategies (Role of Technology in International Business). The management of Dow decided to shut down 5000 jobs and 20 plants. This strategy is quite effective for the organizational management to mitigate the dispute of the organization. The economic downturn affected financial structure of Dow. The Kuwait government had not contacted to discover the alternatives of the deals.


In the international business contracts assignment help these companies can give the contract obligations seemingly by reworking on the contracts and can carry-out the obligations of the contracts such as quality, timeline and cost of the contract. our assignment writing experts say that these obligations will be helpful for the companies to give more favorable terms to the host country. Along with this business assignment help, Venezuela also tried to nationalize the oil industry that also considered the companies of US. These companies need to protect the human rights while producing the oil and other products. These companies should increase their efficiency by following the rules and regulations of the government.


The companies should follow each international law that is made by a country to do the international business from host country to other. In other words, these companies should pay a small amount of its revenue that is generated from the international market in terms of taxes and duties that are decided by the host country. In this way, all the US oil companies can follow their contract obligations seemingly. In addition to the international business assignment help, the management team of the companies must include the oil industry reforms in their organizational structure.


Mostly, there are four types of reforms that would be helpful in the organizational efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and productivity of the companies (International Strategy Assignment Help). These reforms include taxation reform, solidification of state ownership of the oil industry, command of the oil industry to country welfare and intensification of OPEC. By using these steps, these companies are able to reduce several business risks and can make appropriate international business contracts.


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