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Impact of New Trend on Information Technology Marketplace Virtualization technology is a current trend that will offer several business advantages to IT industry. Application and development of this technology will be beneficial for many IT organizations, hardware dealers and business enterprises. In IT marketplace, this technology will be helpful to give specific competitive advantages and reduce cost and improve the productivity. It will enable the IT companies to respond faster for changes as per needs of users (Frank, 2008). Additionally, this technology will make the data recovery easier and facilitate easier software migration that will reduce the time for physical maintenance of servers and desktop. Therefore, this will be useful for the IT market to serve needs and preferences of users in more effective manner. IT marketplace will be able to promote its products with more security because this technology provides a computing environment without any threat. By using this technology, IT industry will be capable to work with increased quickness and flexibility. It will reduce the downtime cost for data security at virtual servers. In contrast to this, there may be some negative impacts of this technology on IT marketplace. It is noted down that there may be occurrence of networking conflicts and difficultly in troubleshooting due to virtualization technology. In addition, in IT market, it will be difficult for companies to transit to virtualization technology because of more expenditure and technical failures. However, virtualization technology can be attractive option for IT marketplace due to having a lot of appealing features.

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