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Advertising Campaign Planning Assignment Help The advertiser might decide to use a full service agency versus other options, such as freelance, boutique, etc. by a proper planning for advertising campaign. Advertiser might look at its reputation and client base and see whether it would be a wise decision to use a full service agency or other options.

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The advertiser might make list of all possible agencies that can serve his purpose and the agency best qualified to provide required and effective services might be selected. He/she might use the one that is most influential and believable and that comprehensively reaches the highest percentage of target audience at the lowest cost (Keith, 2009). As per Advertising Campaign case study expert, Some factors like objective, size, budget, reputation and strategy of the company, size and general advertising philosophy of the agency, nature of advertisement, need of range of marketing services,  creativity of work, time availability, etc. influence decision to use advertising agency or other options. A clearly defined set of goals for advertising campaign will help the company to choose the best advertising agency available. A big and reputed organization would prefer a large full service agency for its long time advertising campaign. A creative and significant functions need to hire boutique or freelancer rather than full service agency (Drewniany & Jewler, 2010). Decision regarding to use any ad agency affects the budget of the company because of their resources and expertise, agencies are useful, when a business is planning a broad advertising campaign that will require a large amount of resources. It will require large budget to make available all needed resources (Barker, Charles & Angelopulo, 2005).


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