Role of Manager and Leader in Organization Assignment Help

Role of Manager or leader Assignment Help A manager plays a vital role in deciding the growth of a typical organization. It depends over the tactics, strategies and actions of manager to guide the direction of organizational business. As per assignment help experts,there are several tasks performed by managers that can be assessed to analyze the role of manager in a typical organization. These are as follow:

Work Allocation: It is in the hands of managers to allocate tasks to their team members. Only a manager can allocate the right work to right member in right time. In other words, it can be stated that manager knows about the positive and negative aspects of their member’s performance and knowledge base. So, on the basis of this knowledge, they allocate the tasks properly among team members.


Performance Assessment and management: Managers or leader also perform the task of performance assessment and management of their team members in a typical organization. Performance points and ratings are given by the manager that decides the appraisal of an employee. Like, if the assessment points are good, it results into high appraisal in terms of increment otherwise not. Performance management is also done by a manager in the organization. Under this, manager provides his comments on the performance of team members in terms of their strength, weakness, threat and opportunities for future development.


Decision Making: leaders also play a great role in developing prominent decisions for the typical organizations. There are lots of strategies like, business, marketing, corporate etc that have to be made by managers or they have to give their input in developing these strategies. There are various departments in a typical organization like finance, marketing, HR, account, sales, production etc. These departments require timely contribution of managers for their further growth. So, it is the manager who contributes in decision making process by putting his efforts in idea generation and alternative selection for the final decision making.


Resource Allocation: Managers also allocate resources to team members for the task completion. Under this, resources are allocated on the basis of task requirements and specifications. So, it is also a crucial role performed by the managers, as sometimes due to lack of proper knowledge, it becomes difficult to manage resources properly.


Cost Control: Managers also play a great role in controlling cost of the organization. It is so, as managers know the expected expenses of project, so they only allocate required capital that save the cost of the organization.


Innovative Idea generation: Managers or leaders also generate innovative ideas for business problems and issues that are vital to lead the business. These innovative ideas further help the organization to develop distinctive competency within the business that is vital to become a successful organization in the market.


Project Leading: Manager also performs the task of leading the particular project. In other words, a manager in a typical organization performs the role of a project leader. A manager also selects team of project, allocate and estimate resources required for the project and develop budget for the project. Along with this, it is the manager who decides the communication methods needed to convey information to team members in the projects.


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