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Leadership Approach Assignment Help Leadership in Organizations and strengths and weaknesses of leadership approach: Leadership can be defined as the activity of influencing people in order to achieve the organizational goals. It is focused towards bringing best quality in people, to inspire and motivate them to use their skills in delivering organizational vision. It is analyzed that success of the organization is majorly dependent on the strength of leader. Organization follow different leadership approaches in order to influence the people for the achievement of organizational goals.

Our business leadership assignment help experts say that Trait approach is one of the major approaches to studying the leadership in organizations. Trait approach is helpful in identifying the personal characteristics of an individual. This approach identifies that why certain individuals have the ability to be a leader and others do not have. This approach states that leadership is natural in some people. Organizations that are using this approach can be able to identify various attributes and personality traits. Traits of a leader include personal characteristics, social background, ability and physical characteristics. Thus, trait approach helps in examining the leaders’ values that are useful for explaining the ethical leadership. With the help of trait approach, an organization can make proper allocation of team leaders, according to their characteristics and skills. It is identified that successful leaders will have interest and abilities to influence the people in an organization.

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Strength of trait approach is that, it basically relies on attributes of the people. Further, it is helpful in identifying the leader’s effectiveness in an organization. It is also helpful in setting standards on the basis of which leadership traits of individuals can be measured. It also gives understanding of leader element in the overall leadership process in organization. Moreover, with the assignment help of trait theory, managers in the organization can be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand our assignment helper stated that traits theory also contains some weaknesses that are not suitable for the achievement of organizational goals. It is very difficult for the organization to identify the traits of leaders. In addition to this, it is identified that traits of leader are not an important factor in identifying the effectiveness of leader. It is very difficult for the organization to identify the traits of leaders as no definitive list of traits exists. Further, this approach also does not consider the situations, while analyzing the capabilities of leaders. Therefore, implementation of suitable skills according to the situation depicts the effectiveness of leadership in an organization.

leadership approach Example: For example, Apple has used the trait approach in identifying the leadership in an organization. It is analyzed that, innovative skills of Steve Jobs helps the organization in making sound position in the market. Further, company can be able to achieve the competitive advantage through innovative skills of Steve Jobs. Thus, Apple uses trait approach in order to identify the skills and competencies of leaders for the achievement of company’s goals. Thus, trait theory proves to be very effective in studying the leadership in organizations. Now you can avail original and complete Leadership Approach Assignment Help from assignmenthelpexperts.com Our Ph.D assignment help writes are available 24X7 for assignment help. From our experts, you will get effective leadership assignment help on time without any plagiarism.