Whole Foods Market’s Strategy Assignment Help

Whole foods market’s strategy: Whole Foods Market’s successful formula is to provide fresher items, larger produce selections, more natural and organic choices, expensive prepared foods and an enjoyable shopping experience in their own formats. The company produces products according to popular consumer trends and supply special items at a competitive price point to customers. For getting success in the marketplace, Whole Food has passion for food and high standards for quality products and guaranteed full satisfaction on all items purchased. Additionally our assignment help experts say that innovation and experimentation are the successful formulae of the company that occurs at the store level and managers are permitted to choose up to 10% of store items that allows stores to provide range according to local taste and preferences. So, company provides high quality natural and organic foods to customers at a competitive price with the taste of local customers.

Primary strategy of the company: There are three strategies for companies to achieve a successful market leadership position such as operational excellence, product leadership customer value proposition and customer intimacy. Market leading businesses must excel in one discipline and be satisfactory in the other two disciplines. Whole Foods became a great business by excelling at product leadership. The company focuses on its grocery stores to sell natural and organic food and in the process it changes the products according to customer’s taste and preferences. Whole Foods focuses more on selecting products and showcasing products than they did on being operationally efficient or being intimate with customers. Its mission statement was to “promote vitality and well-being for all individuals by offering the highest quality, least processed, most flavorful natural and naturally preserved foods available”. It is the evidence of its successful product leadership customer value proposition strategy. Thus, Whole food has mainly focused on its natural and organic food products for getting success in the marketplace.

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