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Legal, Ethical, or Neither Law Assignment Help Discuss one of the following and summarizing your discussion in a mini-essay:


•Identify a situation that might occur in an organization that is legal, but not ethical.

•Identify a situation that might occur in an organization that is ethical, but not legal.

•Would you rather have to make a decision to do something legally right but ethically wrong or legally wrong but ethically right? Why?Situation that Legal but not Ethical In an organization, there are various situations, which are legal but not ethical.


In this, most of the foreign consumer goods companies creates subcontract with the host country organizations in order to produce companies’ products and services. These factories or organizations use child labor in order to produce products. These activities of companies are legal but unethical in any country. It is because host country organizations or factories create legal agreements with the labor but it is unethical in a country to use child labor as employee.

This situation is also legal for the company because, in this, company is not directly related to the child labor. It is because the company makes contact with host country’s organizations and factories to produce products and services. On the other hand, this situation also consider as unethical for the company because companies does not follow standards and legal laws that are essential for employ labor for operational as well as marketing activities. In order to create effective work in a host country, organizations should establish some laws and regulations.


It can be helpful for companies to prevent child labor within the organizations and also can helpful to build a social image in the mind of customers and societies in a specific country region. Child labor in organizations is unethical activity in any country. For this, most of the countries have laws and regulations to employee labor above 18 year. It helps the countries to prevent child labor in within the country by different organizations. Companies can also create some rules that can be helpful for companies to reduce the child labor within the organizations. Through the rules and laws, companies as well as host country can take some serious action to reduce or prevent the labor child within the countries and make organizations a well social responsible in the market.


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