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Virtual Organization Assignment Help on the following question : Use the Virtual Organization, Baderman Island Resort (From City of Kelsey link in Week 2) and develop an idea for potential opportunities for a social initiative for the organization. After doing so, discuss one of the following questions: How might this influence the community? What are the potential ethical effects of this initiative?


Would you select the same social initiative if you had a different organization? Why or why not? Potential Opportunities for Social Initiative and its Influence In order to develop the idea for potential opportunities for the social initiatives of Baderman Island Resort, it will be stated that company will use different offers and discounts in order to attract customers towards the services and products. Company has also opportunities to develop the employment rate in the local market.

It will be helpful for the company to make effective social initiative in the market. It will also helpful for the company to create market image as a social initiator in the market. Through the activities, company also has the opportunities to create education activities in order to develop the knowledge and skills of local people. It influences the company as well as customers in positive way. Through the help of social initiatives of company, community can increase the living standards (Kotler & Lee, 2008).


With the support of this, an individual can also develop the social life as well as standard of living in the society. Company also has an opportunity in the market to develop the environment through social initiatives. Through the environment development, company can influence the communities and provide them an effective environment that is effective in working and living. With the support of effective environment, communities can motivate towards the company that help them to consume the product and services of the company in the market. our marketing assignment help experts says that Baderman Island Resort has also an opportunity in order to provide education programs for local children. Company can establish some educational programs for primary as well as secondary school going children.


It influences the mind of local community and helps the company to make an effective marketing image that lead the company in the market. Company also has an opportunity to develop the working environment within the company. It can be helpful for the company to motivate employees to work together and do right things in right manner (Kotler & Lee, 2008). Moreland, J.P. (n.d.). Ethics Theories: Utilitarianism Vs. Deontological Ethics. Retrieved from


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