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Management Change Assignment Help: The behavior of employees generally depends on several factors that are presented inside or outside of the organizations. These factors can work as resistance for individuals that influences those ways by that employees could respond to their leadership, work and customers also. The knowledge and learning is important in the reference of any change at workplace because it directly affects the tone and environment of the organizations. Its result could make influence the perception of individual people in both positive and negative manners. Basically, change could be based on external and internal factors that affect the situation of employees’ comforts. So, it would work as a resistance in the mind of individual people against the change.

Resistance Factors in Making Change                      

 The internal factors could be included the corporate culture, leadership and its working style and the structure of the organization, while the external factors includes the personal believes of individual people and other professional relationships. The internal factors related with the morality and the commitment of the employees develops the properties related to trust, honorability and integration inside to motivate them for more productivity. So, in the case of any suspected change, it could affect the mortality level of the employees that would work as a resistance to making any change. As per organizational change management assignment help experts, sometimes, the external factors as like the lack of information regarding the significance of changes, ineffectiveness of role models in new activity, overloaded increment, and the basic negative beliefs of people towards the change could work as resistance to individual for making any change in the organization. Sometimes, the personal life of individual people would also work as resistance to change because the individual people generally expect that risk after the activities of change could be bigger than the risk in existing situations.

Situation of Resistance: In a firm, the management was feeling several problems related to the existing managerial methodologies and operational methods. With this, firm was not able to make innovation and implement the new features in its existing products. So, the firm was not able to sustain its image in the market and also got huge financial loss. For getting its previous position in existing market, firm changed working technology that would facilitate the management in the field of products’ R&D. The new techniques can help the firm to increase the quality and productivity of the firm that would help to cope with the changes in the external environment along with its sustainability. But, the management of the firm could not get the advantages of the new and advanced technology because of employees’ resistance to change.

The success of implemented technology required the new operational knowledge and skill that could be used by the related employees during the activity of technology handling. On the other hand, most of the operational employees had low technical skill, therefore; they could not take their interest to control the new techniques effectively. This situation also worked as the resistance for the employees that made negative image regarding the changes activities. Thus, the older employees of the firm did not show their interest that affected the success of the new operational techniques. The self-interest resistance was grown by the implementation of change techniques at workplace and the nature of change directly influenced the existing operational methods of the firm. This situation also made the pressure on the firm’s employees to adopt all the characteristics of the changes. So, it could be stated that the resistance to change was caused by an internal factor. So the firm was not able to implement the technology change plan to sustain its activities.

Plan to Overcome the Resistance For overcoming the resistance, following is a plan that is based on Kotter’s theory and also considers several resistance reducing measures to implement change policy:

Knowledge: This approach of the plan is used for improving the information level. The supply of the information related to the technological change can help the employees for increasing their understanding, why the change is required. It effectively reduces baseless and faulty rumors in concern of change. So, it can help the firm to get the support of the employees for making changes.

Engagement: It is also useful method of the plan for reducing resistance to change because it provides all the necessary information related to the design of the change for those employees that are involved in planning and implementation of change. As the employees are mixed up in the activities of change, they would like to implement changes rather than protest it.

Support and Assistance: In general, people resist any change due to the adjustment problems. So, firm can prevent potential resistance by providing its positive support as like counseling and special training to the employees at the time of difficult times. This support would help the old and low skilled employees for dealing with anxiousness in the period of transition. It would also change the sensing of employees related to some damaging effects that could be caused by the changes in the firm. Therefore, the firm should apply this step of resistance reducing plan significantly.

Co-optation: This technique brings out a person, who resisting the change activities. The firm could offer the significant role to that person in decision-making without threatening the change efforts. So, this step of the plan could be useful for the firm to break the gathering of the change resisting people for making successive implementation of change.

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