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Role of Management in an Organization: As per assignment help experts, management plays a significant role in the organization that guides functions of the management. The management owns the responsibilities to guide the organization in all over the processes and plays a role of decision maker to reach at the final destination of the organization. It also leads the organization and perceives all the basic concepts, theories and strategies that are important to realize the goals and objectives that are already set by the management. In addition, management also identifies the needed time and resource requirements to complete each project helpful in the predetermined target.

It also estimates that these projects are appropriately distributed the work load. At the same time, management plays a key role in every stage of the organization from beginning of planning to final delivery. During this period, it is very effective to organize, control, make decisions and formulate strategies to arrive at the final point. All these functions are performed by it to keep into account. In addition, it also keeps eyes on the tools and techniques that are used in the organization. This close check ensures that used tools are effective or not in the organizational processes. Managers also use systematic approach to attain the set target by keeping up predictable standards. Along with this assignment help, management also plays a role of traffic controller. It is because; it is able to distribute the responsibilities of the projects, if the project members having burden of workload. The sharing of work is helpful to maintain a balance between annual cost and profits within its particular area. In the organization, it can be done effectively by the account management headquarters. The manager guides the appropriate route to success to the organizational people. With this role, traffic controller makes sure that the work is balanced, no overcapacity and free and smooth to work. These roles are significant to make conductive working relationship in the management.


Organization Strategy to Improve Working Relationship with Unions: There are several strategies/actions that an organization can implement to make and sustain contributory working relationship with unions. Employee participation is a strategy that is helpful for organization. With this strategy, the employees can work jointly and participate in the organizational decision-making process. The employees can contribute their ideas and thoughts in decision-making either directly or indirectly. This strategy is anticipated by the management of the organization to take appropriate decision in the effective way. Some countries such as Netherlands require indirect participation of the employees to be evidenced by the employment council. Indirect participation of employee can be attained by various ways like collective bargaining, occupational health, worker director scheme, safety etc. According to our human resource management assignment help experts, the employees have attained indirect participation in certain countries with the help of some mechanism such as work councils and codetermination. These mechanisms are helpful for exchanging the views among the employees and managers. So, managers can utilize the knowledge of the members and experts to deal with the common interest of collective bargaining. Thus, it can be said that participation of unions are effective to help management decision making.


Both direct and indirect participation of unions provide smooth working conditions of the organization. On the other hand, effective communication on forthcoming changes is another organizational strategy that also enhances the working relationship with the unions. This strategy is helpful for the employees to make aware about future changes in the organization. With the help of this strategy, employees can attain these changes as well as develop a situation in which they can shape their mind for these changes. This strategy can be implemented by conducting communication sessions with different unions. These sessions are helpful to talk about the further changes in the organization and to inform about these changes. At the same instant, these sessions can work as a platform that can clarify the problems and queries of the unions. These are helpful to cover the troubles and problem as well as to make some modifications for implementing the effective changes. These sessions also improve the trust of employees in management; because management implements the changes after feedbacks of the unions. The employees become satisfy with the feedbacks of unions. The management and unions can change effectively by taking consideration of the consultation of unions. The unions must be considered by the organization in every layer of the change implementation, so that it could be effective and helpful for employees.


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