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Tablet Development Strategy for Amazon.Com As per strategy management assignment help experts, To stay in the competitive marketplace, introduced new product in its product portfolio as tablet. It also makes easier to e-reading and availability of e-books for the readers. At the current time, where the use of e-books and information is becoming more popular and are accepted by the customers, launch of tablet by Amazon will be effective and profitable for it. It is because it will bring more customers for the firm and increase customer base along with sales and profitability.


In past, the firm launched its tablet without using effective and competitive product development strategy that created quality related issues in its tablet e-book. It also affected the sales and customer base of the firm.It is because the firm failed to compete in the market from existing players such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony etc. So, in this concern, Product development diversification strategy can be used by the firm to sell the tablet in the competitive marketplace that would be beneficial for the firm. It is because this strategy would provide opportunity to the firm to involve the features in the tablet as per the technological advancement and customers’ requirements. Additionally, as Apple is the biggest competitor of the firm, the product development diversification strategy would provide opportunity to the firm to face the competition and reduce the impact of the competitors through involving the features and aspects that are not involved by its competitors.


The kindle fire was the revolution for the firm in the series of tablet that was accepted by the customers at high extent due to its innovative features of e-book reading with more easiness. In addition of this, in tablet, android operating system is used by the firm that should be updated with the technological updating as people want more sensitive touch while working on these types of equipment.


In this concern marketing assignment help following steps could be taken in the product development strategy for tablet by Amazon: To be prominent compared to the competitors: In this step, competitor’s technology and their similar products, in this case, tablets will be evaluated to assess the technological level and effectiveness of their product. It will be beneficial for the firm as this step will help the firm to adapt and introduce the technology that would be more effective in comparison to its competitors.


To satisfy the customers continuously our assignment help experts say that: Next step will be related with the focus on the customers’ satisfaction by identifying their needs and requirements. Through involving the features as per the customers’ needs and wants, the firm can increase satisfaction level among the customers. It will attract the customers to use tablet as e-book to make their study easy. Additionally, through making awareness among the e-book readers of Amazon about the use and effectiveness of tablet, the firm can increase satisfaction level among them. It is because easiness to get the study material will motivate the customers to use such type of tablets that will increase satisfaction level among them.


Expand the current market: Through using product diversification strategy, the firm can expand its market that will also increase customer base of the firm through motivating them for using tablets. Business expansion will also increase awareness among the customers, who are not aware of the use of e-book tablets. Business and profitability of the firm will increase automatically through using such strategy. So as per research by management assignment help experts, product development diversification strategy will help the firm to improve quality of its products as tablet and to increase customer base in the competitive marketplace. It is because this strategy will force the firm to adopt competitive and advanced technical features in its products to increase interest and attention of the customers.


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