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1. Why do retailers advertise so heavily in local newspapers?


2. If you were an advertiser introducing a brand of healthy granola cereal, would you plan your campaign to or through children?


Advertisement in Local Newspaper Retailers mainly does advertisement in the local newspaper, so that they will grab the large part of local marketing area.


In addition to this, it will also useful in reducing the overall cost of the companies. Retailers can place its daily schemes in the newspapers so that their people get aware of the schemes when they read the newspapers in the morning. At the same time, advertisement on television and social networking sites will not be an effective approach in order to do the local advertisement. This is effective, when retailers have to expand its market outside the country. Apart from this, local newspaper is also useful in analyzing the response of customers promptly. For example, Ryanair and EasyJet have advertised about their tickets in front of the paper as display advertisers.


In addition to this marketing, an advertisement in the local newspaper is useful for the retailers in adopting the new strategies and concepts, according to taste and preferences of the local customers. Thus, retailers believe that in order to give tough competition, retailers have to put an advertisement in the local newspapers. The company may also make changes rapidly in its marketing and place attractive advertisement in the newspaper. Marketing Campaign Assignment Help In order to introduce the healthy granola cereal, advertisers should introduce their products through the inclusion of children in its marketing campaign.


Granola cereal will be majorly useful for the small children and toddlers. Therefore, parents will be attracted towards its products by watching children in the advertisement. In its marketing strategy plan, the company will include all the benefits for the children by using the granola cereal. Moreover, it is identified that companies should make its promotions on the basis of attraction marketing strategies. Companies would also target the market on the basis of conducting market research. Children in the advertisement of cereal make the advertisement more attractive and innovative. It is identified that company should take people in the advertisement on the basis of its target market.




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